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Dangers of Pill Presses


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Dangers of Pill Presses

Pill presses are devices that produce counterfeit pills. Pressed pills are commonly produced with fentanyl because it’s cheaply imported. The biggest risk and danger is that people are not getting what they think they are getting. It is common that people are seeking benzodiazepines, MDMA, or other prescription opiates but it’s more often than not Fentanyl. When substances are mixed and pressed with these devices they are not balanced effectively. The pills end up with varied strength, resulting in higher risk for overdose and death.

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Where do people get them?

The internet.


How are they dangerous?

There is a risk of hot shots, dealers at times will intentionally press pills with higher potency leading to overdose. When people seeking drugs hear about an overdose there is often an assumption that the supplier has higher quality product which leads to an uptick in sales for the supplier. Another concern is that there is no manufacturing control or protocol when making these counterfeit products. Pharmacies and legal drug manufactures ensure that when drugs are mixed they are balanced and there is a guarantee of consistency that pills of the same variety are identical. The strength of illegally manufactured drugs sold on the street can be extremely varied leading to risk of overdose. Finally, this growing trend is dangerous because people are completely unaware that they are buying Fentanyl when seeking out drugs. The might be searching for sedatives, stimulants, or some other type of opiate and end up with Fentanyl.

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