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Confidential Status

If someone calls the clinic and I cannot be reached can I give that person permission to receive information about me?
Yes. If you sign a release of information form, the person listed can receive information you consent to.


Will I be covered on my insurance?
Most insurance policies cover inpatient detox. We can check your benefits for you in less than one hour.


How long will my treatment last?
This depends whether the detox is for alcohol, opiates, or other drugs. Typically, the range is 3 to 10 days.


What is our approach and strategy to treatment?
To deliver a safe, comfortable medical detox using IV medications and fluids and an expert medical staff. If you would like to read more about the Gallus Method, you can do so here.
How often will I be able to see the doctor?
Our physicians assess patients daily, monitor their progress, and update orders.
What type of detox treatment is available?
Gallus Medical Detox provides detox services for opiates (including Suboxone and Methadone), benzodiazepines, alcohol and other substances.
Will I be able to go home on Suboxone/Subutex?
We do not prescribe Suboxone. Instead, you will stay in detox until the taper is completed and you are feeling ready to leave.
Who are the professionals on staff?
Dr. Gallus and our other physicians are board certified in emergency medicine. Our RN’s have extensive experience in ICU and emergent care.
Are visitors allowed?
Typically, no. Only immediate family are allowed to visit, if approved by the director of nursing.
Are electronics allowed?
Personal electronics and cell phones can be brought in. We understand that our patients need to stay connected and may have business obligations during their stay.
Is it a 12-step program?
Gallus Medical Detox provides an outstanding medical service that does not contain components of the 12-step program.
Are meetings such as AA held at the clinic?
No. We do not offer a 12-step program. However, our clinical director will meet with you at once for a thorough assessment and one-to-one counseling. We will also identify next steps to sustain recovery once leaving our detox facility.
Is it a locked unit?
The doors are locked from the outside, for your security.
Can you smoke?
Yes. There are designated smoking areas at our centers.
Is there a list of items that I can or can't bring in?
Yes. You should prioritize the following items:

Identification: You must bring a photo identification card so we can verify your identity. If you wish to use an alias, we need to know this ahead of time. Also, please bring your insurance card or a photocopy if you plan on using your benefits.

Medications: Bring all of your medications and supplements in their original prescription bottles. This will help us identify your medications. All medications brought in will reside in the nursing medication office and administered by our nursing staff.

Cigarettes/vaping devices: You may smoke or vape on our outside patio. Please bring enough cigarettes and vape supplies to cover your length of stay. All cigarettes and vape supplied must be in original, unopened packaging.

Cellular devices: You may use your cell phones, iPad, tablet and/or laptop computers in our facility as long as it doesn’t interfere with your detox treatment. Please bring chargers for these devices. We also provide WiFi throughout our facilities.

Any miscellaneous items: CPAP machines, walking devices, or any other medically-assisted items that you use at home can be brought in. You may bring your own pillow, or blanket, if that will make you more comfortable. Please only bring enough clothes for a few days and limit items to one suitcase. Please notify your admission adviser if there are any dietary requests. You may bring any snacks related to a special diet if they are in their original, unopened packaging.
Do you have staff that can help with an intervention?
We work with several interventionists and can refer you to one. For more information about how to help a loved one with substance use disorders, please refer to our resources section, blog, or call us to see how we can help.
Do I need to bring money?
Please leave most financial items at home. Please bring your ID, insurance card, and maybe one credit card, if necessary.


What happens after detox?
Our clinical director will work with you and the entire detox team to create a plan at discharge, which contains next steps to sustain your recovery.

Please also refer to our post-treatment Aftercare Planning Guide.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, call Gallus at
(888) 306-3122.