Evidence-based medical detoxification and addiction treatment in Las Vegas, NV.

Our stand-alone Las Vegas, NV inpatient medical detox center has over 10 years of expertise and experience in tackling substance abuse through medication-assisted treatment. Our Center of Excellence credentials offer the highest quality care, which meets or exceeds the recommendations of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA.

The Gallus Method uses proprietary, evidence-based IV therapy and oral medication protocols to help individuals safely, comfortably and effectively detoxify from substance use. Our Las Vegas, NV treatment center is  accredited by the Joint Commission, offering unique expertise in treating high acuity and comorbid patients and leading the industry in patient satisfaction. Our substance abuse treatment centers offer a patient-focused experience that combines privacy, compassion and world class medical care.



Our stand-alone inpatient medical detox center, Gallus Medical Detox Centers, has over 10 years of expertise, experience, and Center of Excellence credentials to offer the highest quality care. Undoing going inpatient medical detox is the crucial first step in the recovery process and removing toxic and addictive substances from the body is what we do at Gallus Medical Detox in Las Vegas.

Gallus uses evidence-based protocols, our proprietary IV and oral medication protocols or abstinence-based addiction treatment, that result in a more effective treatment and more successful plan for aftercare and recovery.

Going through the medical detox process is the first step for recovery and a life of sobriety. At Gallus we understand that the detox process can have a stigma and can be uncomfortable. But with our innovative method of detox, using IV and oral medication protocols, our patient satisfaction scores are consistently above 96%.

Many addictions involve multiple substances as well, so ensuring you get treatment from an experienced and trained medical team, who have managed difficult cases before, will provide the highest quality care, is crucial for medical detox in Las Vegas.

Accepting Patients Early February 2022

The Importance of Medication Assisted Treatment in Healing Substance Abuse

We know that addiction treatment programs can be intimidating to those needing care. There can be many side effects associated with withdrawal: dehydration, vomiting, intense cravings, seizures, delirium, hallucinations, agitation, paranoia, and more.

If an individual is physically dependent on a substance such as alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs, it can be dangerous and even life threatening to withdraw without medical supervision. A medication-assisted alcohol or drug detox ensures that an individual can avoid any possible adverse consequences of the withdrawal process and has the physical and psychological support they need to effectively overcome their addiction.

At our Las Vegas facility, we use proprietary, evidence-based IV and oral medication protocols to eliminate uncomfortable and harmful side effects, leaving patients who come to us for inpatient treatment for their drug addiction feeling much more at ease.

Individualized Care in a Comfortable Environment

Our Las Vegas, NV facility provides inpatient medical detox to those struggling with substance use disorder. The Gallus Method used at our Las Vegas addiction treatment center is a full medical detox program. It combines the best in medication management, trained and expert staff, and patient-focused care to provide high quality detox services.

We know that each individual and situation is different, and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating substance use disorders. Our Las Vegas, NV rehab center use personalized treatment options, with each client getting the treatment plan and recovery program that’s right for them. Our medication-assisted treatment results in a more effective treatment and more successful plan for aftercare, recovery and long-term sobriety.

If you’re seeking substance abuse treatment in Las Vegas, NV, the caring staff at our detox center are ready to help you.

Why Choose Medical Detox at our Las Vegas Addiction Treatment Center?

Medically-monitored detox facilities like Gallus are a crucial aspect of recovery, ensuring patient safety and reducing the risk of complications that might arise from the detox process.

There are many features that should be included in inpatient medical detox centers. A detox facility should provide medical supervision by staff who are experienced in substance abuse and addiction treatment. It should provide medication to help patients through inevitable withdrawal symptoms. And every rehab center should provide clients with 24/7 access to nurses.

Gallus’ Las Vegas, NV inpatient detox center has all three and more. We offer a cutting-edge facility that provides technological amenities that you could expect in a medical center, but with the comfort and relaxation of an upscale home-like environment. Our addiction treatment program leads in patient satisfaction, aftercare, and treatment completion rates.

What Makes Gallus a Center of Excellence?

  • Ten years of experience in substance abuse rehabilitation, addiction treatment, and helping manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Highest patient satisfaction in our Las Vegas, NV rehab center
  • World class patient experience in our Las Vegas, NV treatment program
  • Industry leading clinical training program in evidence-based therapies and inpatient rehab
  • Psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and mental health services to help patients continue their recovery journey
  • Treatment programs with proven results: less pain, anxiety, depression and a 98% treatment completion rate in our drug detox facilities

What is the Gallus Method?

  • Evidence-based IV and oral medication protocols
  • Industry leading experience with high acuity
  • Access to electronics at all our treatment centers
  • Personalized, medically assisted treatment options and Next Step aftercare planning to aid in identifying underlying mental health disorders
  • Meals from local Las Vegas restaurants
  • Telemetry and daily physician visits during treatment
  • Private storage for those undergoing medication-assisted treatment at our treatment centers
  • Expertise in treating polysubstance use to avoid cross addiction during treatment

Is Now the Right Time to Seek Addiction Treatment?

The short answer is yes. Fear of withdrawal symptoms, pain, anxiety, and shame force many patients to avoid seeking high quality inpatient services. However, avoiding treatment, attempting to detox without professional assistance, and choosing lower levels of care despite low success rates can have a dramatically negative impact on an individual’s ability to recover from their substance use disorder.

If you are ready to break the chains of addiction and begin a new life free from the control of addictive substances, then a medically-supervised detox program should be your first step.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, recommends that “for alcohol, sedative-hypnotic, and opioid withdrawal syndromes, hospitalization or some form of 24-hour medical care is generally the preferred setting for detoxification, based upon principles of safety and humanitarian concerns.”

Gallus treatment centers offer medication-assisted treatment for individuals’ personal and medical crises, as well as ongoing psychotherapy treatment to achieve permanent addiction recovery. At our Las Vegas, NV facility, our expert medical team has unique expertise in proactively identifying withdrawal symptoms and signs. We provide individual treatment options to avoid symptoms like sleep disturbance, irritability, anxiety, cravings, and mood swings.

Our detox centers include treatment for: opiates, alcohol, benzodiazepine, stimulant addiction, high-dose methadone, barbiturate, and many more.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment for Yourself or a Loved One in Las Vegas, NV

Gallus Detox Centers lead the industry with 10+ years of experience in patient-focused care. Our detox treatment centers use IV and oral medication protocols to wean clients off of drug abuse, offering non-cross addicting treatment, tapering schedules, biopsychosocial evaluations, and self-efficacy monitoring to develop personalized “Next Step” discharge plans.

At our Las Vegas facility, our treatment options regard you as a whole person with a health problem who deserves professional care, and as someone whose life is not defined by drugs or alcohol. We accept most major insurance and can also assist you with setting up a financing plan.

If you’re in southern Nevada and having trouble with an addictive substance, drug abuse, or alcohol, our Las Vegas detox facility is here for you. Your path to recovery from drugs and addiction begins here.

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