At Gallus, we offer a variety of inpatient medical detox treatments for those struggling with substance use disorder.

Learn more about each of our addiction treatment programs below.

Prescription Dependence
MAT/Other Substances

Do I need Medical Detox?


At Gallus Medical Detox Centers, we use proprietary, evidence-based medical protocols that medically detox patients off of addictive substances. Our protocols prioritize the comfort and safety of our patients, guide them through the detox process smoothly, and assist them in reaching full recovery.

The Benzodiazepine Taper Protocol

In any given year, 15% of the US population has taken a benzodiazepine. About 6%, or 18 million people, have abused sedative hypnotic agents, another form of benzodiazepines. This alarming uptick in the use of benzodiazepines, combined with the number of patients we see on high doses of the drug, has led our research and development team to create the Benzodiazepine Taper Program.

This program is an extension of each patient’s inpatient medical detox plan of care. Our benzodiazepine taper protocol is specifically designed to help the patient complete their detoxification and begin their recovery in a tapered, safe environment, ensuring that the next steps towards their recovery are in place. The Benzodiazepine Taper Program works by slowly decreasing the patient’s consumption of the substance, allowing them to fully focus on improving their health and wellness.

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The Accelerated Micro Induction (AMI) Protocol

In 2017, we started seeing more patients testing positive for fentanyl in our detox centers. Thanks to leading research, we can now effectively treat withdrawal symptoms prior to starting detox, giving fentanyl enough time to leave the patient’s system.

As a result, we now see patients with 42% fewer withdrawal symptoms during an AMI detox, and, on average, one fewer day spent in our care. No other fentanyl detox center in the country is performing detox at this level with this much success.

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The High-Dose Methadone Protocol

Our proven methadone detox protocol allows us to now provide detox to a patient at any level of methadone use.
While methadone detox can produce many side effects, the Gallus method of detox produces minimal symptoms.

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The IV and Oral Medication Protocol for Polysubstance

Polysubstance addiction refers to a dependence or addiction to more than one substance at a time. We commonly see alcohol mixed with other substances. Other frequent combinations include benzodiazepines with opiates and methamphetamines mixed with other substances.

Our proprietary IV therapy for drug detox lowers withdrawal symptoms for polysubstance addiction and ensures patients are on the right track to recovery.

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NAD+ IV Therapy For Drug and Alcohol Detox

NAD+ IV therapy is an IV infusion treatment that helps activate the brain’s neuron functions to stimulate cell regeneration as well as protect the brain from cellular damage. This coenzyme increases cognitive function, improves memory, increases mental clarity, restores energy levels, and boosts overall brain function.

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