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Every individual's journey to wellness is unique, and at Gallus Medical Detox Centers, we truly understand that. Driven by our unyielding commitment to our core values of compassion, collaboration, and excellence, we provide evidence-based and highly personalized treatment for those battling substance abuse and disorders.


Discover The Gallus Difference:

Joint Commission Accredited
ASAM Level III. 7-D: Medically Monitored Inpatient Detoxification
Individualized Treatment Plans
Comprehensive Psychological, Physical, and Social Assessments
Both IV and Oral Medication Protocols to Comfortably Manage Symptoms
Daily Physician Visits
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Compassion, Collaboration, & Excellence In Patient Care and Comfort

At Gallus Medical Detox, we are proud to offer safe, effective, evidence-based, and highly personalized treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and substance use disorders. Our inpatient treatment program has been painstakingly designed to match our core values of compassion, collaboration, and excellence.

We have hand-selected our qualified and experienced staff to ensure every patient’s recovery process is as safe and comfortable as possible. Our upscale and comfortably luxurious environment was designed to help patients feel at home in a safe environment. 

Key Features Of Gallus Medical Detox

  • 24/7 medical supervision on-site
  • Highly qualified nurses with detox and intensive care experience
  • Industry-leading cardiac telemetry and video technology to ensure patient safety
  • Flexible treatment plans to suit our patients’ needs
  • A long-term recovery plan identifying the next steps for aftercare and lasting success
  • Private rooms with a queen bed
  • Free secure WiFi
  • Personal electronics allowed
  • 40” TV in every room

We believe a compassionate and safe environment is the most effective catalyst for substance use recovery and lasting personal wellness.

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The Gallus Method

As a recognized field expert in medical detox, Dr. Patrick Gallus recognized that the industry expectations for addiction patient care were subpar, and the standards for treatment were ineffective and outdated. In some cases, even dangerous. He saw that the average provider and treatment center lacked the clinical expertise to execute cutting-edge treatment while properly maintaining patient safety and comfort.

Developed by our founder, The Gallus Method for addiction and mental health treatment embodies patient safety and comfort above all else. 

Utilizing several key treatment and process components, he has created a program and facility that elevates the quality and depth of our patient care, making it far superior to other detox treatment centers. 

Levels Of Care For Substance Use Disorders And Mental Health

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the levels of care range from 0.5 to 4, four being a hospital or hospital-like environment.[1] The Gallus Medical Detox is a premier substance use disorder inpatient medical detox facility rated at the highest levels of non-hospital care at 3.7. This means our medically managed detox center offers high-intensity inpatient treatment for those who need 24-hour intensive medical or psychological monitoring but don’t necessarily need physician interaction on a daily basis.

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Gallus Medical Detox Treatment Protocols

As a premier medical detox, we’ve established several signature protocols to treat patients suffering from a variety of substance-related concerns.

High-Dose Methadone Detox Protocol

Our validated approach to methadone detox enables us to cater to patients, irrespective of their methadone consumption levels. While detoxing from methadone can present an array of side effects, our distinctive strategy ensures these symptoms remain substantially subdued.

Benzodiazepine Detox & Taper Program

This approach seamlessly blends with each patient's comprehensive detox care regimen. Tailored meticulously, our benzodiazepine reduction strategy eases patients through the detox phase, ensuring their onward journey to recovery is carefully scaffolded. By steadily curbing the benzodiazepine intake, patients are empowered to direct their energy towards holistic healing.

Fentanyl & Opioid Accelerated Micro Induction (AMI) Detox Protocol

Drawing from groundbreaking studies, we can now preemptively address withdrawal symptoms even before commencing the detox, letting fentanyl adequately exit the patient's system. Incorporating this approach, we've observed a striking 42% reduction in withdrawal symptoms during an AMI detox, with patients typically requiring one less day under our supervision. Our success in this domain remains unparalleled in the nation.

Polysubstance Detox Protocol

Simultaneous dependence on multiple substances is referred to as polysubstance addiction. We frequently encounter cases involving alcohol combined with other drugs, or benzodiazepines paired with opioids and methamphetamines mixed with varied substances. Our specialized dual-medication detox, utilizing both IV and oral treatments, considerably mitigates the withdrawal effects associated with polysubstance addiction, guiding patients towards the recovery path.

NAD IV Therapy Protocol

The NAD+ Infusion Treatment is a pioneering IV-based solution that invigorates the brain's neuronal activity, promoting cell regeneration and shielding the brain from cellular harm. This coenzyme amplifies cognitive abilities, sharpens memory, clarifies mental processes, replenishes energy tiers, and augments the brain's overall performance.

High-Dose Methadone Detox Protocol

Methadone withdrawal symptoms can range in severity and become extremely uncomfortable. In some cases, they are dangerous and potentially life-threatening. It’s critical for patient safety and comfort to undergo a medically supervised detoxification program.

Gallus Medical Detox leads the industry in safe and effective medical methadone detox. Under the care of our experienced clinicians and providers and through evidence-based medication-assisted detox protocols, we can reduce the negative effects of withdrawal and increase patient comfort.

The Gallus Method has been especially effective in treating high-dose methadone cases. Our proprietary IV and oral medication protocols help keep patients safe and comfortable while discontinuing high doses of methadone.

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Benzodiazepine Detox & Taper Program

Benzos are one of the most prescribed medications in the U.S. and are used to treat anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and panic attacks. However, if prescribed and taken for too long, the negative impact on one’s health increases exponentially.

Rapid detox from benzodiazepine medications, including Xanax ®, Librium®, Valium®, Ativan®, Serax®, and Klonopin®, can be highly dangerous and extremely uncomfortable. In some cases, adjustments as low as 5% or 10% can still cause withdrawal symptoms. 

Safe and successful detox from a benzo prescription requires slow and methodical tapering under the attentive care of a qualified addiction professional.

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Fentanyl & Opioid Accelerated Micro Induction (AMI) Detox Protocol

The opioid epidemic is a serious issue in the U.S. and is the cause of thousands of overdose deaths each year. Fentanyl detox may be necessary in order to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms and recover from Fentanyl dependence. 

Gallus Medical Detox has created a signature protocol to address the unique needs of the growing opioid and Fentanyl dilemma in our country.

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Polysubstance Detox Protocol

The nature of a substance use disorder makes it extremely common for one patient to be dependent on multiple substances. As they try to discontinue one substance, the withdrawal symptoms become too uncomfortable and painful, so they try another substance to alleviate these new symptoms. 

Unfortunately, the problem is compounded and eventually requires a more complex treatment approach. At Gallus Medical detox, we’re well-equipped to address and treat patients suffering from polysubstance use disorder.

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Recovery In Safety and Comfort At Gallus Medical Detox

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