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Gallus Medical Detox

High End Detox Services in Denver, Colorado

Gallus Medical Detox provides premier medical detox services in Denver, Colorado for those struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs. Our primary goal is to help patients withdraw safely and create a stable foundation for long-term healing.

Do I Need Medical Detox?

Our highly rated detox facility features:

Private, single occupancy bedrooms
Queen beds
Flat screen TVs and free WiFi
Electronics, cellphones, and tobacco products allowed
Comfortable accommodations and amenities


Build a Solid Foundation With Out Proprietary Detoxification Protocols

Whether you are seeking support for yourself or a loved one, finding a high quality and reputable detox center can be overwhelming. Gallus Medical Detox is a Center of Excellence, which means we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when it comes to helping individuals safely and effectively withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

Our clinical and medical teams go above and beyond when caring for individuals in our detox programs. With a staff-to-patient ratio of 2:1, we are able to provide highly customized care, including daily physical exams, daily mental health checks, full telemetry monitoring, and planning your next steps.

In addition, our detox programs utilize the Gallus Method—a set of proprietary, evidence-based IV therapy and oral medication protocols—to help patients safely detoxify from substance use. Gallus Detox is the best first step in your journey prior ask most programs require detox prior to entry.

Please reach out to our admissions line at 888-306-3122 if you have any questions. For a professional tour or referral questions, you can contact Gallus’ Business Development Director [email protected] or by calling (248) 760-8471.

About Our Denver Detox Center

Located in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, The Gallus Medical Detox Center in Denver, Colorado specializes in full-spectrum detox programs. We offer dignity in healing and multiple services on the road to long-term recovery.

Detox can be a challenging process, and our priority is to help patients feel as safe, supported, and comfortable as possible as they begin this journey. Our drug and alcohol detox facility features private rooms with queen beds and flat screen TVs. Food is provided by local restaurants with multiple menu options, and use of cell phones, computers, and tobacco products is allowed.

Our on-site licensed staff include behavioral health technicians, ICU/ER trained nurses, a medical director, a clinical director, and a clinical administrative manager. With years of experience helping individuals navigate the detox process, we are able to respond to any medical or mental health complication that may arise during treatment.

Gallus Medical Detox is accredited by the Joint Commission, offers unique expertise in treating high acuity and comorbid patients, and leads the industry in patient satisfaction.  Our upscale detox center offers a truly patient-focused experience, and our addiction treatment and withdrawal management services combine privacy, compassion, and world-class medical care.

To learn more about our facilities and programming, reach out to a member of our admissions team today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our detox programs or help verify your insurance coverage.

At Gallus we believe that personalized and medically-proven detox treatment is the best "First Step" to safe and successful recovery.

As a destination for care, Gallus Medical Detox accepts patients from Colorado and across the country.

Gallus operates several drug and alcohol detox centers across the country, but our Denver location has become a destination for care for both Colorado residents and out-of-state patients. Because we work with most major insurance providers, we are able to provide affordable treatment options without sacrificing the quality of our programs.

We are conveniently located near leading international airports, and we provide ground transportation to and from our facilities. Following detox, we are able to connect patients with local resources to take the next step in their ongoing recovery journey.

The best and safest option for ridding your body of harmful substances is medically managed inpatient detox with a reputable provider. If you or a loved one are seeking detox services for a substance use disorder, whether you are located in Colorado or elsewhere in the country, contact us today.

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Why Inpatient Medical Detox is Your Best "First Step" to Substance Abuse Disorder Recovery

Substance abuse, such as alcohol addiction and addiction to prescription drugs, can be difficult to overcome on your own. Attempting to withdraw from a substance without the oversight of a medical team can be dangerous and even life-threatening. The most effective method for achieving long-term sobriety is through professional assessments and specialized care offered through medically-assisted detox programs.

If you are unable to stop using drugs or alcohol without experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms, or have been abusing substances for a prolonged period of time, then a medical detox is your best option. In addition to making the withdrawal process more safe and comfortable, an inpatient detox program can also help prevent relapse, providing the support and accountability that individuals need to get sober and stay sober.

Gallus Medical Detox has more than a decade of experience in patient-focused medical detox and recovery. Our detox centers use IV and oral medication protocols, monitoring ever-changing drug trends and developing treatments to reflect the impact of synthetic drugs like Fentanyl. We specialize in non-cross-addicting treatment, developing customized tapering schedules for patients using benzodiazepines, bio-psychosocial evaluations, and personalized “Next Step” discharge plans. Following detox, we assist our patients in finding arrangement that best fits their unique needs and situation.

Most importantly, Gallus Detox recognizes how crucial medical detox is to successful substance use disorder recovery. It’s not only what we do and how we do it, but also how patients experience treatment that sets us apart. The success of treatment at Gallus is most appropriately noted in the patient experience, as evidenced by industry-leading patient satisfaction scores for reducing pain, managing anxiety, and improving overall comfort.

If you are looking for an alcohol or drug detox center near Denver, Colorado, Gallus can help. We offer personalized detox treatment options, behavioral therapy for mental health, and a specially formulated IV and oral medication protocol that helps our patients succeed in their sobriety. Reach out today and begin your journey to a more healthy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

A Center of Excellence for Medical Detox Services

  • 10+ years of experience
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Industry leading clinical training program
  • Proven results: less pain, anxiety, depression
  • 98% treatment program completion rate

Medical Expertise + Personal Comfort = The Gallus Method

  • Evidence-based IV and oral medication protocols
  • Personalized treatment and Next Step aftercare planning
  • Telemetry and daily physician visits
  • Daily mental health check-ins
  • Expertise in treating polysubstance use to avoid cross addiction

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Gallus Medical Detox Centers – Denver

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We accept most major insurances providers but do not accept Medicaid or Medicare at this time.