Medical Detox and Addiction Treatment Near Denver, CO

Gallus Inpatient IV Detox outside Denver, Colorado helps patients better manage withdrawal by reducing pain and anxiety while offering a safer, more comfortable and often shorter length of stay.

Drug and alcohol use can result in physical dependence. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and physically difficult, and can even be dangerous or life threatening. Attempting the drug and alcohol detox process on your own is risky, often resulting in relapse, overdose, or death.

At Gallus Detox Center, we provide vital support for those struggling with substance abuse—from the early stages of detox treatment to long term recovery.  Our programs use the Gallus Method, a set of proprietary, evidence-based IV therapy and oral medication protocols to safely, comfortably and effectively detoxify from substance use.

We are accredited by the Joint Commission, offer unique expertise in treating high acuity and comorbid patients, and lead the industry in patient satisfaction.  Our medical detox facility offers a truly patient-focused experience, and our addiction treatment and withdrawal management services combine privacy, compassion and world class medical care.

The best and safest option for alcohol and drug addiction recovery is medically managed inpatient detox in a recovery center. If you have questions about our programs or services, reach out to a member of our admissions team today.

At Gallus we believe that a personalized, planned and medically proven detox treatment is the best first step to a safe and successful recovery from alcohol and drugs use.

At Gallus we believe that a personalized, planned and medically proven detox treatment is the best first step to a safe and successful recovery from alcohol and drugs use.

Medical Expertise and Personal Comfort = The Gallus Method

  • Evidence-based IV treatments and careful assessment in helping to manage drug and alcohol detox and withdrawal symptoms
  • Private room, queen bed
  • Industry-leading experience with high acuity in addiction treatment
  • Detox programs that include mental health, family therapy, and group therapy options
  • 43” TV, Free Wi-Fi, cell phone
  • Personalized residential treatment and Next Step aftercare plan
  • Meals from local restaurants are offered in our facility
  • Telemetry and daily physician visits
  • Private storage
  • Expertise in treating polysubstance use to avoid cross-addiction

The Center of Excellence for Independent, Inpatient, Medical Detox Services in Denver, Colorado

  • Ten years of experience in substance abuse rehabilitation, addiction treatment, and helping manage alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms
  • Highest Patient Satisfaction in our treatment program
  • Unique IV and Oral Medication Protocols Approach in our medical detox facility
  • World Class Patient Experience in our treatment program and rehab center
  • Industry leading Clinical Training Program
  • Psychotherapy to help patients with their mental health, as well as continued recovery, aftercare and life skills
  • Proven results: less pain, anxiety, depression 98% treatment completion rate in our drug detox facilities

As a destination for care, patients come to Gallus Medical Detox Centers from Colorado and across the country. We are conveniently located near leading international airports and we provide ground transportation to and from our facilities.

Safe, respectful, and effective medical detox is a critical first step to overcoming SUDs. The Gallus Method focuses on the medical treatment necessary to eliminate the substance the patient is physically dependent on from the body in a setting that protects the patient’s dignity and clears the mind to prepare the patient for behavioral interventions and support.

There are many risks associated with substance use withdrawal, so choosing the right treatment center setting is essential in helping to avoid serious adverse consequences. Gallus Medical Detox combines ten years of clinical expertise and experience with recognized clinical assessments like the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol (CIWA) and Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) to determine the stages and severity of withdrawal complications.

The success of patient treatment at Gallus is most appropriately noted in the patient experience, as evidenced by industry-leading patient satisfaction scores with reducing pain, managing anxiety, and overall comfort.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, (ASAM) “Inpatient detoxification provides the safest setting for the treatment of substance withdrawal because it ensures that patients will be carefully monitored and appropriately supported. Such monitoring is especially important if the patient is physically dependent on high doses of alcohol or other sedative-hypnotic drugs.”

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, recommends that “for alcohol, sedative-hypnotic, and opioid withdrawal syndromes, hospitalization or some form of 24-hour medical care is generally the preferred setting for detoxification, based upon principles of safety and humanitarian concerns.” Their expertise also notes that studies show that detoxification and the use of appropriate aftercare leads to increase recovery and decreased relapse. The medication-assisted treatment offered at rehab centers, in other words, works.

Gallus Medical Detox Centers have created from 10+ years of experience best practices in patient-focused inpatient medical detox and recovery. Our treatment centers use IV and oral medication protocols, monitoring ever changing drug trends and developing protocols to reflect the impact of synthetic drugs like Fentanyl, offering non-cross addicting treatment, development tapering schedules for patient’s using benzodiazepines, using biopsychosocial evaluations, and monitoring self-efficacy to develop personalized “Next Step” discharge plans.

Most importantly, our rehab centers singular focus on medical detox for drug abuse gives us experience in offering medication-assisted treatment to handle high acuity patients. We offer substance abuse treatment for patients with polysubstance issues, or those on synthetic substances not commonly seen in hospital or most residential treatment center care settings.

Gallus Medical Detox Centers offer a unique and medically proven approach with Center of Excellence components including: Joint Commission accreditation, Board Certified physicians with extensive critical care experience, highly qualified RNs with ICU/ER and detox experience, telemetry monitoring, 24×7 medical staffing, ADA accessible facilities, personalized treatment delivered in a safe, comfortable, private environment, and more.

Most importantly, Gallus Detox recognizes the importance of medical detox in successful SUD recovery. It’s not only what we do and how we do it, but also who does it, and how you experience your treatment that sets us apart.

If you are looking for an alcohol or drug detox center near Denver, Colorado or away from the social and environmental factors influencing your SUD, Gallus can help. Our Denver detox center is easily accessible while remaining in a discrete location. We offer personalized rehab programs and treatment options, behavioral therapy for mental health, and accepts most major insurance providers, seek treatment at Gallus today.

Seek treatment at Gallus today. Your recovery and new life begins here.

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Frequently asked questions about our Colorado detox center

Q: Are you an inpatient detox center in Colorado?

A: Yes. Gallus is an inpatient medical detox center with locations across the country. We offer a range of medical detox services, including:

Q: How long does detox treatment last?
A: This depends whether the detox is for alcohol, opiates, or other drugs. Typically, the range is 3 to 10 days.
Q: How often will I be able to see the doctor?
A: Our physicians assess patients daily, monitor their progress, and update orders.
Q: Will I be covered by my insurance?
A: Most insurance policies cover inpatient detox. We can check your benefits for you in less than one hour.

For our most frequently asked questions, visit our website’s FAQ page.

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