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Gallus Medical Detox

Medical Detox Services in Aurora Colorado

If you are looking for a drug and/or alcohol detox center in Aurora Colorado, you might not be satisfied with your options. Gallus Medical Detox's nearby location in Littleton may be exactly what you are looking for. As we utilize IV and oral medication therapies based on proven medical protocols, that offer a safer and more comfortable withdrawal from drugs and alcohol as a result. No types of Medicaid or Medicare are accepted.

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Our highly rated Aurora detox facility features:

Evidence-based IV Medication Protocols
Home-Like Accommodations With High-End Amenities
Medication-Assisted Relief Without Cross Addiction
Single Occupancy Bedrooms For Ultimate Privacy
Comfortable Queen Beds
Flat-Screen TVs and Free Wifi
Electronics and Tobacco Products Allowed
90% Program Completion Rate


IV and Oral Medication Detoxification Services Based On Proven Medical Protocols

Whether you are seeking support for yourself or a loved one, finding a high quality and reputable detox center can be overwhelming. Gallus Medical Detox is a Center of Excellence, which means we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when it comes to helping individuals safely and effectively withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

Our clinical and medical teams go above and beyond when caring for individuals in our detox programs. With a staff-to-patient ratio of 2:1, we are able to provide highly customized care, including daily physical exams, daily mental health checks, full telemetry monitoring, and planning your next steps.

In addition, our detox programs utilize the Gallus Method—a set of proprietary, evidence-based IV therapy and oral medication protocols—to help patients safely detoxify from substance use. Gallus Detox is the best first step in your journey prior as most programs require detox prior to entry.

Directions to our Detox Center
5920 S Estes St Suite 150, Littleton, CO 80123

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We understand that deciding to seek help is a significant step in overcoming substance use disorders. If the drug and alcohol detox centers in Aurora don’t offer the type of care you need, you might find your needs better met by exploring additional treatment options slightly beyond its borders.

Just minutes away in Littleton, Colorado, you’ll find Gallus Medical Detox, a state-of-the-art facility offering a superior standard of care, making it worth the short journey.  To make your trip as seamless as possible, Gallus also provides transportation to and from our facility.

The 30-minute journey to Gallus Medical Detox from Aurora can mark the start of your transformation. Gallus’ evidence-based protocols and superior level of care can significantly enhance your chances of recovery.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support you in your journey toward a healthier, substance-free life. We’re ready to welcome you with compassion, professionalism, and the utmost respect for your unique journey.

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The Gallus Method

Our evidence-based process goes above and beyond industry standards. Gallus Detox was founded with patient comfort and safety as our primary concern.

Gallus Medical Detox has more than a decade of experience in the detox and recovery field, offering patient-focused solutions to promote safe recovery. 

Our proprietary IV and oral medication protocols are guided by clinical professionals that ensure that you don’t just leave our care substance-free but that you’re also ready for the next stage of recovery.

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Why Choose Gallus Over Other Detox Centers in Aurora, CO?

Your choice of a detox facility could have significant implications for your recovery journey. In this critical period of your life, you need a detox center that goes beyond the norm, providing not only medical assistance but also a comfortable, healing environment and personalized care that addresses your unique needs. At Gallus Medical Detox, we're dedicated to ensuring that every person who steps through our doors is treated with dignity, respect, and an unrivaled standard of medical care. We understand the courage it takes to seek help and pledge to make your journey towards recovery as smooth and effective as possible.

Superior Medical Approach

Unlike other detox centers, Gallus employs an evidence-based, patient-centered medical detoxification method. Our team of experienced medical professionals offers a safe, comfortable, and efficient process designed to cater to your unique medical needs. Our cutting-edge procedures are led by trained clinicians, ensuring you get the most advanced treatment available.

Luxury Amenities

At Gallus, we understand that the environment plays a significant role in recovery. We strive to provide a homelike, serene, and comfortable atmosphere for our patients. Our amenities are beyond what most detox centers in Aurora, CO offer, and include private rooms, high-end furnishings, chef-prepared nutritious meals, and a range of holistic therapies to complement medical treatment.

Personalized Care

Every individual is unique, and so should be their path to recovery. At Gallus, we prioritize creating personalized treatment plans, ensuring that your detoxification process is tailored to your unique needs. This customized approach stands in contrast to many detox centers in Aurora, CO, which may utilize one-size-fits-all treatment models.

24/7 Medical Supervision

Your safety and comfort are our priorities. Our patients are under 24/7 medical supervision to ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification process. We have a high staff-to-patient ratio, so you can be sure that you will receive individualized attention and care at all times.

Continued Support

Detox is just the first step on the road to recovery. We understand the importance of follow-up care, which is why we provide resources and referrals for continuing care and treatment, even after you've left our facility.

A Proven Approach

Gallus Medical Detox has more than a decade of experience in the detox and recovery field, offering patient-focused solutions to promote safe recovery. The Gallus Method implements a variety of evidence-based IV and oral medication protocols, and individualized tapering schedules.

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This is What it Looks Like to Start a New Life

My stay at Gallus Medical Detox was a gift from on high. Battling opiate use for circa a decade I've experienced other facilities, all of whom pale in comparison to the excellent services provided at Gallus.

Elizabeth M.

I am incredibly grateful for the experience I had at Gallus. I came to Gallus feeling broken and alone. The staff was incredible, they were welcoming, supportive and filled me with encouragement. By the time Ieft, I felt so hopeful and excited about my journey of recovery. Thank you so much to everyone, for helping me feel ALIVE again.

Brianne G.

The team at Gallus believes deeply in the dignity of every person we see, and wants nothing more than to be able to help them on their journey to living a full and happy life in recovery.

Erin I.


Detox Plans Designed to Address Your Needs

No matter what substance or substances you are recovering from, Gallus has a specialized protocol to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and ensure that you or your loved one have the best foundation for a new life of long-term sobriety.


Abruptly abstaining from alcohol should not be done alone. Our licensed clinicians make the process comfortable so that you can safely overcome the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal at our alcohol detox center in Colorado.

Prescription Drugs

If you’re suffering from a prescription drug addiction, you are not alone. We specialize in helping you get clean from many commonly prescribed medications including stimulants, benzodiazepines, and opioids.


Benzodiazepines like Klonopin, Xanax, and Halcion are highly addictive substances that require a medically-supervised detox. Our proprietary protocols make detoxing from benzos a more comfortable, safer experience.


If you or a loved one are experiencing opiate addiction, you do not have to face withdrawals on your own. Contact a member of our team today and start your new life.


Stimulants are highly addictive substances that can be difficult to detox from without proper medical supervision. You don’t have to go through stimulant detox alone. Gallus Detox has a team of professionals ready to help you safely and comfortably navigate early recovery.


When taken as directed, barbiturates are used in the treatment of many ailments but can lead to abuse. If you are going to rehab for barbiturate addiction, contacting our team is the first step.


Suboxone is used to treat opioid use disorder (OUD) but can become problematic on its own and can require a drug detox program and getting substance-free before admission. Gallus Detox helps individuals detox from suboxone before transitioning into an inpatient facility.

Other Substances

If you are suffering from addiction to a substance not on this list, we can help. Contact our clinical care team today and let us know how we can help you start your recovery journey.

Why Start Your Drug Detox Journey With Us?

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Upscale and Patient-Focused Detox In Central Colorado

As a residential treatment facility with a full stack of on-site accommodations, Gallus is well-equipped to accept patients from all over our beautiful state of Colorado and anywhere else across the country.

Conveniently located near major airports and offering partnerships with most major health insurance carriers, Gallus Medical Detox can provide dedicated treatment at realistic pricing to ensure you have access to the help you need.

The path to recovery starts with medically managed inpatient detox at a reputable treatment center. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or substance use disorder, detox healthcare services are the safest first step in your recovery journey.

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Patient-Focused Detox Administered By Clinical Professionals

Our on-site staff is made of licensed and certified behavioral health technicians, ICU/ER-trained nurses, an experienced medical director, a field-tested clinical director, and an administrative manager. 

Each team member brings a unique perspective and years of experience helping individuals like you safely navigate the detox process. We’re also uniquely equipped to address any underlying medical conditions to avoid potential complications related to your treatment. 

Gallus Medical Detox is proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission and offers an upscale patient-focused, and individualized experience.  Take the first step and contact us today.

Location Information

Gallus Drug & Alcohol Detox Center – Aurora

Directions to our Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

5920 S Estes St Suite 150, Littleton, CO 80123

Local Aurora Telephone Number


Nationwide Toll-Free Number



We accept most major insurances providers but do not accept Medicaid or Medicare at this time.

Starting Over Can Start Today. Reach out to our Colorado team at (720) 809-7780.

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