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The number one goal at Gallus Medical Detox is to safely and comfortably detox patients from substances. After medical detox, the next step is to ensure that patients have an aftercare plan. The single biggest predictor of success in recovery is the number of days in a recovery environment. That’s why we work with all patients for personalized aftercare plans.

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Treatment history, recovery environment, severity of the substance use, co-occurring mental health struggles, and strength of the recovery environment all factor into planning for next steps.

During a stay at Gallus, our clinical director will be hands-on, connecting the patient with treatment programs and providers. We pride ourselves on referring patients only to reputable and high-quality addiction treatment programs. This limits the headache and stress patients feel when trying to search for reputable programs on their own. However, we support our patient’s preferences and believe that any treatment is better than no treatment.

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Next Steps for Patients

This process sets Gallus apart from most other detox programs. We are not attached to a treatment facility and as a result can help clients make decisions about aftercare based on their history and experiences alone. We want to help patients hit the ground running at Gallus by setting a strong foundation.

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