Gallus Medical Detox is committed to being a Center of Excellence in medically-monitored detoxification from drugs and alcohol. We have implemented evidenced-based therapies and measurement-based tools to ensure high quality care.

Tools We Use To Measure and Improve Patient Outcomes at Gallus are:

Motivational Interviewing at Gallus

Motivational interviewing (MI) is central to the clinical care we provide. Patient ambivalence about treatment for substance use disorders is a common barrier to continuing onto aftercare. The patient centered and non-judgmental MI approach allows our patients to identify their reasons, need, and desire for change. By openly processing ambivalence about stopping substance use, we have been successful at achieving an 85% rate of connecting people to treatment upon discharge from our detox clinics.


PHQ-9 at Gallus

The PHQ-9 has 9 questions with a top score of 27 and is a highly valid and reliable tool for measuring depression. Importance and Confidence Rulers capture motivation for change with a max score of 20. Our intention is to determine if patients are becoming more or less motivated during their stay at Gallus.

The PHQ-9 is administered at the beginning of admission into our detox center, and then again at discharge. We have found an average drop of 5.88 points over an average stay of 4.5 days. The most recent 2020 data was pulled from both our Arizona and Colorado locations and includes responses from 284 patients. This drop in scores is clinically significant and demonstrates that the Gallus Method reduces depression during the detox process.


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