Evidence-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Gallus is a Center of Excellence, which ensures that our treatment centers provide industry-leading treatment programs for substance abuse, offering our patients with highly trained, expert medical staff, and superior customer excellence.

We utilize proprietary, evidence-based IV and oral medication protocols to help individuals safely, comfortably and effectively detoxify from substance use. Our treatment options are accredited by the Joint Commission. We offer unique expertise in treating high acuity and comorbid patients and lead the industry in patient satisfaction data for our medication-assisted programs, making us one of the best treatment centers available.

If you’re from Dallas/Fort Worth or elsewhere in Texas, and you’re seeking inpatient treatment at a detox center that offers multiple treatment options and takes most major insurance providers, we are ready to help.

Upscale IV-Based Detoxification In Texas

At Gallus rehab centers in Dallas, TX, we offer in-patient treatment with private rooms, medication-assisted treatment options, and nonjudgmental staff who treat our patients with respect and dignity. We respect past trauma and mental health issues. It’s why we so frequently use the phrase “dignity in healing.”

Gallus Medical Detox Centers have over a decade of experiences in best practices for patient-focused in-patient medical detox. Our rehab centers use IV and oral medication protocols, monitor ever-changing drug trends, offer non-cross addicting treatment, develop tapering schedules for patients using benzodiazepines, and monitor self-efficacy to develop personalized “Next Step” discharge plans.

As a destination for care, patients come to our Gallus rehab center from Texas and across the country. We are conveniently located near leading international airports and we provide ground transportation to and from our facilities in Dallas, Texas.

Why Medication Assisted Treatment is Necessary for Healing Substance Abuse

Anxiety and shame are often the biggest hurdles that hold patients back from receiving proper care for substance abuse. Many patients avoid seeking high quality inpatient medical detox services because of the stigma associated with rehab centers and addiction treatment.

Avoiding treatment centers, attempting to detox without professional assistance, and choosing lower levels of care can dramatically harm an individual’s ability to recover from their substance use disorder. Substance abuse withdrawal is physically difficult, painful and can be dangerous without the proper care. Attempting the drug and alcohol detox process on your own is risky, often resulting in adverse consequences like relapse, overdose and even death. The best and safest option for handling substance abuse is medically managed inpatient detox.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, (ASAM) “Inpatient detoxification provides the safest setting for the treatment of substance withdrawal because it ensures that patients will be carefully monitored and appropriately supported. Such monitoring is especially important if the patient is physically dependent on high doses of alcohol or other sedative-hypnotic drugs.”

Our medically-assisted treatment center in Dallas, TX offers mental health services, specialized programs and individual treatment options to help patients end their drug abuse. We help patients better manage withdrawal by reducing pain and anxiety, and helping address mental health challenges and co-occurring disorders.

If you are seeking addiction treatment, consider Gallus Medical Detox Center, our stand-alone inpatient medical detox center in Dallas, TX. We have over 10 years of expertise, experience, and offer the highest quality care for alcohol and drug addiction.

Why Choose Gallus for Addiction Treatment?

Gallus offers a truly patient-focused experience, with treatment options that combine privacy, compassion and world class medical care.  Our substance abuse treatment centers ease withdrawal symptoms and feature:

  • Ten years of experience in substance abuse treatment
  • Highest patient satisfaction
  • Unique IV and oral medication protocol approach to medication-assisted therapy
  • World class patient experience
  • Industry leading clinical training program
  • Psychotherapy and other mental health services to prepare for aftercare
  • Proven results: better mental health outcomes, less pain, anxiety, depression, and a 98% treatment completion rate for addiction treatment

It’s crucial to choose the right treatment center, since there are so many risks and potential problems that come with an inpatient medical detox treatment. Withdrawal symptoms aren’t just uncomfortable. Depending on what substance you are detoxing from, your risk of seizures can be heightened.

Gallus treatment centers offer a unique and medically proven approach with Center of Excellence components including: Joint Commission accreditation, Board Certified physicians with extensive critical care experience, highly qualified RNs with ICU/ER and detox experience, telemetry monitoring, 24×7 medical staffing, ADA accessible facilities, personalized addiction treatment delivered in a safe, comfortable, and private environment.

Most importantly, our Dallas, Texas rehab center’s singular focus on medical detox for drug abuse gives us experience in offering medication-assisted treatment to handle high acuity patients. We offer substance abuse treatment for patients with polysubstance issues, or those on synthetic substances not commonly seen in hospital or most residential treatment center care settings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment for Yourself or a Loved One in Dallas, TX

Substance abuse, such as addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol addiction and drug use can be tough to manage on your own.  Drug and alcohol addiction affects men and women alike, and can be a symptom of untreated mental illness and a lack of community.

In-patient medication-assisted treatment is the crucial first step in the recovery process for drug and alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol abuse or drug addiction, or seeking any kind of substance abuse treatment, contact our Dallas detox center today.

We offer personalized detox programs and treatment options and accept most major insurance providers. Begin your recovery journey and seek treatment at Gallus today.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Are you an inpatient detox center in Texas?

A: Yes. Gallus is an inpatient medical detox center with locations across the country. We offer a range of medical detox services, including:

Q: How long does detox treatment last?
A: This depends whether the detox is for alcohol, opiates, or other drugs. Typically, the range is 3 to 10 days.
Q: How often will I be able to see the doctor?
A: Our physicians assess patients daily, monitor their progress, and update orders.
Q: Will I be covered by my insurance?
A: Most insurance policies cover inpatient detox. We can check your benefits for you in less than one hour.

For our most frequently asked questions, visit our website’s FAQ page.

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