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Gallus Medical Detox Offers Next Step in Recovery for Suboxone, Methadone Patients

Written by Doug Weiss | Updated on Apr 26, 2023

DENVER – As we mark National Recovery Month, Gallus Medical Detox Centers announces an enhanced program for patients with opioid use disorder taking Suboxone and Methadone. The program is designed for patients ready to transition off suboxone or methadone, commonly called Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based treatment approach for reducing illicit street or prescription opiate drug use.  MAT has been successful in lowering the risk of opioid-related harms, including transmission of viral hepatitis, HIV, overdose, and death. (source below) This treatment modality has been essential in combatting the opioid crisis but options to stop MAT are limited and at times too painful for patients to approach.

Gallus is ready to provide a safe and thoughtful approach for those that desire to come off MAT treatments. Our detox protocols provide a comfortable and supportive path to a new phase of recovery. Detoxing from MAT is challenging but our highly trained clinicians help patients create an aftercare plan that leads to greater success.

“We have refined the Gallus Method over the last 11 years and have had tremendous success in detoxing opiate patients with oral and IV based treatment,” said Shannon Weir, Chief Nursing Officer at Gallus. “Our motto is ‘dignity in healing’ and we are committed to offering high-quality compassionate care. People going through detox do not need to suffer to get better. We have shown that proactively managing withdrawals and connecting people with aftercare providers makes a huge difference in a patient being successful.”

The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed about 2.7 million people in the US met the diagnostic criteria for opioid use disorder (OUD).  In the age group 12 or older, 3.4% or 9.5 million people misused opioids in the past year. Gallus Detox Centers providing a MAT detox option to this population is essential in producing better treatment outcomes.

“Gallus Detox is committed to providing a more comfortable and progressive detox to those struggling with severe withdrawals. Withdrawals from opiates drive continued use and there are not good options to support people experiencing it,” explains Steve Carleton, LCSW CAS, Executive Clinical Director at Gallus. “We have proven, through measurement-based care efforts, that staying at Gallus Detox reduces depression rapidly and increases motivation for change. This is proof that when our patients are provided a positive detox experience, they are more likely to go on to next levels of care and continue their recovery journey,”

At Gallus, we acknowledge that the COVID pandemic caused an escalation of substance use. Fentanyl has led to the third wave of the opioid crisis, and by far the deadliest with 108,000 Americans dying from overdose in 2021. Unfortunately, we are now heading into the fourth wave of the crisis. We are now seeing Fentanyl being laced with powerful synthetic sedatives and tranquilizers. Like opiates, these are also respiratory depressants and are resistant to naloxone (an opioid reversal agent that has saved countless lives).  It is more imperative than ever that we offer access to evidence-based medical treatments to help patients achieve long term recovery.

Please call Jen Marnowski for more on this program and to cover this story: 404-309-1137. For more information please visit or call 888-306-3122 for Admissions.


About Gallus Medical Detox Centers

Gallus Medical Detox Centers is a national center of excellence for inpatient medical detoxification services.  Using the Gallus Method, evidence-based, IV and oral medication protocols that avoid cross addiction, delivered by highly trained, experienced and compassionate medical teams, SUD patients receive the highest quality inpatient medical detoxification services in a safe, private, comfortable environment that optimizes recovery.

With locations in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas, Gallus’ vision is to transform the treatment of acute SUD patients by providing inpatient medical detox treatment and services that improve recovery, and to lead the field in innovating the science, education, and customer experience.

Through the Gallus Method, patients receive unique, personalized and 24-hour medical care delivered in a professional, safe and peaceful environment to achieve an optimal physiological withdrawal experience that will move them into behavioral health therapy and ultimately find long-term recovery.


Citation:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Linking People with Opioid Use Disorder to Medication Treatment: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices.  National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services, 2022.

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