What Is A Medical Detox?

Addiction Medicine Matters

When it comes to getting help for alcohol and drug abuse, “medical detox” services can vary widely including:

  1. Outpatient detox treatment with repeat visits to a physician
  2. Inpatient detox in a rehab facility with an initial meeting and possible follow-up meetings with an on-call doctors
  3. Inpatient detox in a rehab facility that provides vitamin supplements
  4. Inpatient detox in a psychiatric hospital or mental health clinic


5. The Gallus Medical Detox Method— Inpatient medical detox experience in an upscale clinic that includes the a personalized treatment plan for your utmost comfort and safety with board certified physicians and critical care experienced nurses in a private setting.

The Gallus difference is an unparalleled combination of patient safety, comfort, and support. Your particular circumstance is always foremost in developing a plan that best suits your individual medical needs while respecting your individuality. From the moment you call we will support you on your personal detox course to include aftercare programs options to support your recovery. Your long-term success is always our first priority.

If you have been through detox at other facilities, you will immediately recognize the Gallus difference as our past patients can attest:

“In the past the detox clinics were either unbearable or they loaded me up so much that I was far more drugged up than before. The way Dr. Gallus handled my situation was perfect…”

At Gallus Detox Centers, we will continually treat you as a human being in need of help. Dr. Gallus believes a medical detox can and should be delivered in a safe, supportive environment with privacy, dignity, and respect.

What is a NON-Medical Detox?

A non-medical detox often provides you with much lower medical supervision. The critical processes used by Gallus Detox Centers is often missing or non-existent.

A non-medical detox simply can’t provide the level of safety and comfort needed for you to be successful in the detox process. Aside from being unsuccessful, going “cold-turkey” can be frightening, painful, and even life-threatening.

One must consider the type, amount and duration of drug being used as well as your overall general medical health in determining if a non-medical detox is even possible in your situation.

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