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Gallus Medical Detox is an industry leader in medical detox. Accredited by the Joint Commission, and an ASAM level III 7-D, we have the expertise to offer superior medically monitored inpatient detoxification treatment for a range of substance use disorders, co-occuring conditions, and comorbidities.

Led by a team of highly credentialed physicians with extensive critical care and addiction experience, we use evidence-based medical protocols that prioritize patient comfort and safety that guides them seamlessly through the detox process.

We are committed to partnering with treatment professionals, clinicians, and recovery-related providers to ensure we provide continuity of care for our patients that ultimately leads to long-term, successful outcomes. We believe that collaborative partnerships are the foundation of best serving our clients and their families.

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Why organizations partner with Gallus Medical Detox

  • Clinical expertise

Our board-certified physicians have extensive critical care and addiction experience, unique knowledge of how drugs move within the body (pharmacokinetics), and expertise in managing other co-occurring disorders and other physical illnesses. We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, which is why our plans are individualized and evidence-based. This quality of inpatient care and expertise ensures maximum safety and comfort, and provides a superior customer experience.

  • Evidence-based and personalized treatment

The Gallus Method was developed by Gallus Detox Centers founder Dr. Patrick Gallus. As an expert in medical detox, he became deeply concerned that detox facilities throughout the country routinely used outdated and even dangerous methods for detoxification and lacked the clinical expertise to put patient safety at the forefront of their services.

This is why Dr. Gallus emphasizes medical safety and patient comfort at the heart of our treatment protocol. He devised a proprietary method — The Gallus Method — utilizing a number of key features, making our treatment superior and more effective than many other detox facilities.

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Superior customer experience

Our patient satisfaction scores reflect our clinical excellence and superior care.

How to refer to Gallus Medical Detox

We work with providers nationally who refer to us at our centers in Arizona and Colorado — we also plan to open more centers throughout the US in 2020. We receive referrals from therapists, hospitals, medical providers, insurers, employers, interventionists, sober coaches, and a range of other organizations and individuals seeking to support the person requiring specialist detox care.

We assure you that we are committed to providing superior care that prioritizes our patients’ safety and comfort, and leads to long-term and successful recovery outcomes.

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The process of referral

After obtaining a release of information, we will contact you for further information and begin a clinical collaboration, as well as discuss insurance details.

Call us today and see how we can help you support your client and their recovery:

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