Earning Your Trust Through High Editorial Standards

With all of the medical misinformation on the internet, we at Gallus Detox understand the importance of being your go-to source of verified medical information. That is why our editorial guidelines and review process are extensive.

The Medical Information Review Process

As a detox facility, we only exist to the extent we can serve you. If we were to provide you with false information, your trust in us would be moot. There are many more reasons to offer only certifiably accurate and current medical information, but to list them all would fill up this page and more.

Instead, here are a few ways in which we protect against medical misinformation:

Everyone Who Contributes To Our Website is Thoroughly Vetted

As the title states, every contributor to our website is extensively screened to guarantee that they maintain only the highest medical credentials. This way, we can stop misinformation before it even begins: at the source.

All Sources Are Meticulously Checked

Every source we cite is verified for authenticity and credibility before it is used in our content. We only reference peer-reviewed studies, medical journals, and governmental agencies to ensure the most accurate information.

Content is Continuously Reviewed for Accuracy

Just as all sources are checked repeatedly for misinformation, so are our articles and content. Everything that contains a shred of medical information is reviewed routinely to maintain accuracy and relevance. Science changes and updates daily; why should we not do the same?

Our High Standards Extend to Our Content

Here at Gallus Detox, we strive to be the best we can be. To achieve this, we believe in four principles that guide us in everything we do:

1. Everyone Deserves Quality, Inclusive Care

The world has become more interconnected and diverse. We strive to be a place where people from all walks of life feel welcome. For this purpose, we maintain a high level of accessibility to both medical information and care.

That is why all information we put forth to the public is inclusive in its language and reflective that every person who walks through our doors or peruses our website is unique.

2.All Information Should Be Easy to Understand

All of our patients’ circumstances are different and unique to that individual. Therefore, we believe all our information should be easy to understand, clear, and concise.

Medical information should not be riddled with complicated words just because it is about your health. We at Gallus Detox believe that access to easy-to-understand, scientifically backed medical information you can trust is a fundamental right that everyone deserves.

3.Everyone Deserves to Be Treated With Kindness and Empathy

Everyone deserves to be treated with empathy and kindness. We endeavor to always show compassion and understanding when interacting with our patients online and in person. We believe that demonstrating this empathy in all things we do will allow us to more successfully treat the individual holistically.

4.Everyone Has a Right to Quality Medical Information

Here at Gallus Detox, we believe that everyone, regardless of income or background, deserves access to quality medical information they can trust. That is why all of the information we provide our clients undergoes such a rigorous review process.

Your Concerns are Our Concerns

If you have concerns regarding any of the information given to you by one of our professionals or listed on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to improve our process as much as possible, and any feedback is most welcome.