What Types of Addiction Are There? 

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Published Nov 18, 2021
types of addiction

There are some types of addiction that are well known, such as those related to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol. However, there are also addictions that might not be related to substance use at all. 

An addiction is when someone has a compulsive physiological need to continue to partake in a certain act. For some people, this could be an addiction to sex. It can also be an addiction to gambling, using the internet or social media, shopping, playing video games, altering one’s appearance through the use of cosmetic surgery, or engaging in binge eating.

Many of these addictions are tied to an underlying mental health problem that has not been diagnosed. 

What Is a Sex Addiction?

There are several different signs to look out for in regards to sex addiction. An individual may spend an obsessive amount of time thinking about sex. This can include the time it may take them to seek out sexual partners, the time they spend watching pornography, as well as the time they spend engaging in sex or masturbation. 

This obsession can lead to risky behaviors such as engaging in sex with someone whom they don’t know the sexual history of, engaging in sex without protection, or engaging in sex with a prostitute. This type of activity can cause the individual to be at greater risk of experiencing an unwanted pregnancy or getting a sexually transmitted disease. 

What Is an Internet Addiction?

While the Internet can be valuable and useful in many ways, it can also lead to problematic habits and addiction. Someone with this type of addiction will spend lots of unnecessary time on the Internet. 

They might feel the need to constantly refresh their email or scroll through different social media platforms. The Internet may be a significant distraction that can impede their ability to keep up with work, school, or other obligations. An internet addiction can lead to mental health problems. 

What Is a Shopping Addiction?

Someone with a shopping addiction typically uses buying new things as a way to deal with something wrong in their life or a type of mental health problem. They might feel compelled to buy things they don’t need and feel a temporary rush of euphoria when doing so. 

For example, they may purchase lots of clothes only to never take the price tags off or wear them. Someone with a shopping addiction might feel a sense of sadness or regret after a session of impulsive spending. A shopping addiction can lead to problems within a relationship and financial struggles. 

What Is a Video Game Addiction?

While playing video games in moderation is normal practice, some people can find it hard to stop and may become addicted. Someone with this kind of addiction will spend countless hours playing video games which may cause problems with relationships as well as difficulties keeping up with work, school, or other obligations. They may be using video games as a way to distract themselves from their problems or to cope with an undiagnosed mental health problem.

What Is a Cosmetic Surgery Addiction?

Many people choose to get cosmetic surgery to slightly alter part of their body or to help prevent visible signs of aging. While this is a normal practice for many, some people may find that they can’t stop once they start getting cosmetic surgery. They might feel as if they are never satisfied with their appearance and will continue to get more surgeries until they no longer look like themselves. This is often connected with trying to combat low self-esteem. 

What Is a Binge Eating Addiction?

Binge eating is classified as an eating disorder but is also considered to be a type of addiction. Someone with this addiction will consume food excessively during a certain period of time. 

An individual with this addiction may turn to food to cope with problems in their lives, anxiety, or depression. They will typically feel regretful after a binge eating session and may feel even more depressed.

In some cases, people will force themselves to throw up following a binge eating session in order to avoid gaining weight. This practice is extremely dangerous and can lead to severe health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. 

Binge eating typically affects younger people the most, but anyone at any age can suffer from this condition. Someone with this disorder should consult their doctor, who can provide any necessary medication. Counseling is often necessary. 

When it comes to addiction, many people associate the word with substance use. However, there are many addictions that might not involve any alcohol or drug use at all. Many of these addictions are started from an underlying mental health problem that has not been diagnosed yet. For example, some people are addicted to sex. They may feel the need to have sex all the time and put themselves at risk in the process. Others may struggle with internet addiction. They may be compelled to scroll through social media or check their notifications constantly. This can lead to the inability to keep up with other requirements. If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, help is available for you. Our team at Gallus Medical Detox Centers has helped countless individuals take their lives back from drugs and alcohol. Call us today at (866) 296-5242 to learn more about how we can help you.