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Heroes of the Addiction Crisis: Steve Carleton & Shannon Weir

Written by Laura Herrmann, MA | Updated on Nov 13, 2023

At Gallus, we help those struggling with substance use disorder across the country. We pride ourselves on having two heroes among our fantastic executive clinical team. Steve Carleton, Executive Clinical Director, and Shannon Weir, Director of Clinical Education and Quality Assurance, have both been featured in Authority Magazine about how Gallus is helping battle the addiction crisis.

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Gallus Medical Detox Centers provides industry-leading inpatient medical detox to those struggling with substance use disorder, utilizing IV and oral medication protocols. If you or someone you know is struggling, call Gallus today at 888-306-3122.

Laura Herrmann, MA

Laura is the Chief Outreach and Marketing Officer at Gallus Medical Detox, she has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare marketing field in digital, social, product marketing, strategy and sales leadership. Her passion for those struggling and recovering from substance use disorder and mental health as well as advocacy for patient empowerment has driven her career and continues to be the motivation to work within the best treatment options to help those struggling. With a Master’s Degree from Tufts School of Medicine and Emerson College in Health Communication, Laura has continued to find excitement and challenge in her chosen field. She is also the Board President, BarZero and Board Member of the Colorado Professional Liaison Association.

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