The Gallus Method

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Gallus Detox Centers are proud to provide superior inpatient detoxification treatment.

We use proprietary, evidence-based medical protocols (The Gallus Method) that prioritize our patients comfort and safety to guide them through the detox process smoothly.

The Gallus Method was developed by Gallus Detox Centers founder Dr. Patrick Gallus. As an expert in medical detox, he became deeply concerned that detox facilities throughout the country routinely used outdated and even dangerous methods for detoxification and lacked the clinical expertise to put patient safety at the forefront of their services.

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“I became aware of patients being treated in psychiatric facilities, protocols using outdated oral medications, doctors making claims of rapid detox when the laws of physiological half-life support no such theory, and nursing staff that are inexperienced in this critical-care setting,” he explains.

Dr. Gallus was particularly concerned that most detox facilities fail to realize the serious clinical risks associated with medical detoxification. Many of these facilities did not use safeguards to monitor a patient’s well-being, like full cardiac and video monitoring.

This is why Dr. Gallus emphasizes medical safety and patient comfort at the heart of our treatment protocol. He devised a proprietary method — The Gallus Method — utilizing a number of key features, making our treatment superior to and more effective than many other detox facilities:

  • Joint Commission accredited, ASAM Level III. 7-D: Medically monitored inpatient detoxification
  • IV and oral medication protocol to manage withdrawal symptoms comfortably
  • Cardiac and video monitoring to ensure patient safety
  • Daily physician visits
  • Highly qualified nurses with detox and intensive care experience
  • 24×7 medical staffing
  • Our personalized treatment is delivered in a safe and peaceful environment that promotes optimum comfort and ease, with private rooms that include queen bed, free secure WiFi, the use of personal electronics, and a 40” TV in every room
  • A tailored biopsychosocial evaluation that identifies a patient’s next steps and resources in achieving long-term recovery

Our board-certified physicians have extensive critical care and addiction experience, unique knowledge of how drugs move within the body (pharmacokinetics), and expertise in managing other co-occurring disorders and other physical illnesses. We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, which is why our plans are individualized and evidence-based.

See the differences

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Our patient satisfaction scores reflect our clinical excellence and superior care

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“The basis of our theory is to treat each individual patient safely, with respect and dignity, in a timely manner. Our facility provides you a physically safe and emotionally hopeful environment to continue on to your next phase of recovery. Claiming to operate a world-class detox facility is a bold statement. My staff and I stand by this statement and truly believe we have achieved this at Gallus Detox. You will immediately see and feel the differences at Gallus Detox Centers.”

Dr. Patrick Gallus

If you want a proven, effective, and safe medical detox for you or your loved one, call Gallus Detox today: 866-358-6446. We can help you to start recovering.