What You Should Expect from an Alcohol Detox Facility

More than 150 million Americans struggle with the effects of alcohol abuse every day. These effects include failing health, inability to keep up with responsibilities at work, school and home, as well as financial and legal burdens. Making the decision to get help for alcohol addiction takes courage. Once the decision is made, you will be anxious to know what you should expect from an alcohol detox facility.  

Understanding the Alcohol Detox Process

Fear of painful withdrawal is what keeps most people from getting the necessary help to overcome alcoholism. Depending on the severity of abuse, symptoms may begin within a few hours after quitting. The most common symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Tremors
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Anxiety/agitation/depression
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations/nightmares/DTs

Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal especially when there is a sudden cessation in alcohol consumption and without the proper medical care.

While there are a number of different methods for alcohol detox , the best alcohol detox available is IV therapy medical detox. The use of intravenous (IV) therapy during detox makes it possible to alter the medication protocol as withdrawal symptoms change. As a result symptoms are addressed immediately and it keeps the patient as comfortable as possible.

Treated with Respect

Alcohol detox is not punishment, but it is the means to get better. Some alcohol detox facilities treat the individual as if they have done something wrong; isolating them from friends and loved ones and prohibiting cell phones and laptops. You should expect to be helped not isolated.

All alcohol detox centers include in the introduction packet, a list of items that are appropriate to bring in and what is considered contraband. If staying in contact with the outside world is important to you, make sure you choose an alcohol detox facility that will allow you to bring in personal electronics.

Invested in Long-term Recovery Success

You should expect an alcohol detox facility to care about and be invested in your long-term recovery  success. Alcohol abuse is usually the result of some deeper issue. Cleansing your body of alcohol is a start, but it does not address the factors that led to your excessive drinking.

Making a referral to an alcohol rehab program, behavioral therapy or counseling to help you work through the reasons you drink is most often the next step in regaining control of your life and being successful in sobriety. As you consider a detox facility, ask them if they will refer you or if you will have to find additional services on your own.

This is your life. If you want to experience the best level of care that an alcohol detox facility has to offer, while increasing your chances for a successful recovery, call Gallus Detox Centers at 888-228-9114. Cell phones and laptops are welcomed!

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