What is a Private Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox facilities are classified into two categories: public and private. You may already know that public facilities are normally operated by state agencies and paid for through taxes or other public sources. However, you may want to know; what is a private alcohol detox, before you make your decision.

Funding for Private Alcohol Detox Facilities

Unlike public alcohol detox facilities, which are primarily non-profit; private alcohol detox facilities are for profit. This means that they are funded through their earnings from client participants in their services.

Patient Privacy

While there are laws that protect a patient’s privacy, such as HIPAA (Healthcare Privacy Act), which protects the patients information such as their name, social security number, medical history and insurance information; private alcohol detox facilities go a step further by providing an environment in which the patient can get better in comfort and security.

Research shows that one of the primary reasons most people never seek alcohol detox is because they are ashamed and they are afraid that someone will find out, or see them go into the facility. As a result, many private alcohol detox facilities provide secure entrances and grounds as well as private rooms for their patients to detox.

Medical and Non-medical

Private alcohol detox is also available in medical and non-medical services. Medical alcohol detox means that some form of medication will be used during the process to help relieve the withdrawal symptoms most people experience during alcohol detox. Non-medical alcohol detox means that there will be no medication issued throughout the process.

Choosing between medical and non-medical alcohol detox

Many people resist getting help for alcohol addiction because they are afraid of going through painful withdrawal symptoms. Medical alcohol detox can help to ease the discomfort from alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

While there are many different types of private medical alcohol detox, one of the most recommended methods is IV therapy medical alcohol detox. IV therapy allows the immediate relief of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which keeps the patient comfortable and allows them to complete the alcohol detox process.

Research has shown that individuals who are able to complete alcohol detox are more likely to be successful in their sobriety than those who walk-out before the detox is complete.

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