What is the Best Opiate Detox Method for Opiate Addiction?

What is the Best Opiate Detox Method for Opiate Addiction?

Millions of people struggle with opiate addiction and only a small fraction will ever get the help they need to leave addiction behind. Opiate addiction may include prescription painkillers or heroin. Discovering what is the best opiate detox method for opiate addiction will get you started on the road to recovery.

Opiate Detox at Home – Not a Good Idea

There is no reason for an individual wanting to quit an opiate addiction to go it alone. Opiate withdrawal is painful physically and psychologically. Trying to opiate detox at home without help can be dangerous, even life-threatening. Seek help from a professional opiate detox facility.

The Holistic Approach

Non-medical opiate detox is a more holistic approach to quitting opiate addiction. Holistic methods may include meditation, yoga, vitamin therapy, massage and acupuncture. While extremely beneficial and therapeutic, most physicians do not recommend a holistic approach to opiate detox. However, once opiate detox is complete, taking up one or all of these could help you avoid relapse.

Oral Medication for Opiate Detox

Oral medications during the opiate detox process can be problematic for a number of reasons. First, since oral medication is taken by mouth, it takes the body time to breakdown and process the medication. Depending on the severity of opiate drug use, the body may begin to experience withdrawal as soon as a few hours after the last time opiates were used.

Oral medications are slow-acting which means that the individual may be in pain for a while before they find any relief from withdrawal. Further, by the time the oral medication kicks in, the individual may begin to experience a different set of opiate withdrawal symptoms. For these reasons, oral medication for opiate detox is not recommended.

The Best Option for Opiate Detox

While a medical approach for opiate detox is important and recommended by the majority of physicians, the best opiate detox method for opiate addiction is IV therapy.

Unlike the oral medication method, intravenous therapy allows medication to be inserted into the port, which allows it to enter the blood stream for an immediate effect. An additional benefit to IV therapy for opiate detox is that it can be changed as the patient’s withdrawal symptoms change – again with an immediate effect.

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