Typical Length of Drug Detox

One of the most frequently asked questions of addiction counselors is: what is the typical length of drug detox.  Although there is no simple answer, the truth is that it depends on the type of drug from which you need detox. In most cases it takes about a week to ten days and sometimes slightly longer.

Drug Detox is Different from Drug Rehab

One of the first things you should know is that drug detox and drug rehab is not the same thing. Most people with an active drug addiction, especially to opiates or benzodiazepines, need a medical drug detox treatment to remove the chemical toxins from their drug use. Cleansing the system is the purpose of drug detox.

Drug rehab, on the other hand, usually follows drug detox and it give the individual time to adjust to life without drug use. Where drug detox lasts a week or a little longer, drug rehab usually lasts 28 days or longer.

What to Expect in Drug Detox

There different types of drug detox treatments from outpatient medical to inpatient medical non-medical as well. The latter type of detox will incorporate the use of holistic means including acupuncture, vitamin therapy, massage, meditation and yoga to help relieve drug withdrawal symptoms during the detox process.

It is important to know that while non-medical drug detox works for some people, it does not work for everyone. One of the primary reasons people return to their drug use is because they cannot withstand the painful withdrawal symptoms that exist during detox.

Medical Drug Detox

A medical drug detox treatment will use medications to help relieve drug withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. While there are some outpatient programs, most doctors suggest an inpatient program because it gives the patient time to get away and rest while they are getting better.

Medical drug detox programs use either oral medication or intravenous (IV) therapy during the process. Traditional drug detox such as is found in hospitals and most government funded programs often rely on oral medications which are not the most successful in offering relief from withdrawal. The reason is due to the fact that oral medications take time to break down in the body.

A few medical drug detox facilities use IV therapy during the detox process which offers immediate relief from painful drug withdrawal. The benefit is that patients remain comfortable throughout the process and are able to successfully complete drug detox.

How Long You Should Plan to Stay

Once you have decided which method you will use for drug detox there are a couple things to consider in determining the length of drug detox. If you need to detox from opiates, you will probably stay about five to eight days. Benzodiazepine detox may last from seven to ten days and if you need to detox from Suboxone or Methadone, you may stay from a week to 14 days.

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