Safe, Comfortable Medical Detox: The Gallus Method

Gallus Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox Treatment Method

The Gallus Detox Method starts with providing you or your loved one a complete medical detoxification in a safe, medically monitored environment. The use of IV therapy has proven to be a safer, more effective route in responding to pain and withdrawal symptoms. Your treatment includes consultation with a Licensed Associate Substance Abuse Counselor to discuss issues that may contribute to your optimal plan for recovery.

IV Therapy Detox Treatment

IV Therapy Detox is a critical piece of our detox treatment. IV Therapy allows us to increase, decrease, or change medications on a moment’s notice to provide you or your loved one a safe and comfortable detox. We will customize your protocol based your withdrawal symptoms at any given moment and adjust your treatment accordingly.

While yoga, meditation, saunas, herbs, vitamins may be helpful in rehab, suffering through a “cold turkey” detox is not only unnecessary but can be life threatening in certain cases.

I was hopelessly dependent on opiates for day to day living and would have never believed I would become comfortably sober ever again. I simply did not believe it, even as I was reassured by staff that it would happen, until they made it happen. I’ll never forget the people that I met here and the treatment that I received…”

Your comfort during detox is essential to a successful outcome. At Gallus Detox we understand this and make every effort to give our patients a ‘home like’ atmosphere.

Your success is only enhanced when you communicate with your family and friends for additional support during your stay with us. With our in house Wifi services you will never feel cut off from your support network. Except in extreme cases, your cell phone, lap top and other electronic devices will be available to you at all times.

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