Tapering or Detox For High Dose Methadone Dependency: Which is Better?

Since 1947, Methadone has been used in opiate dependency and addiction treatment and also as a pain reliever. This is not to say that Methadone has not been without a certain amount of criticism and consequences including dramatic increases in daily doses from 15 mg to as much as 300 mg. Individuals wanting to quit find themselves at a crossroads of whether tapering or detox for high does methadone dependency is the best solution.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) there were some 7,000 Methadone related deaths – which is more than 5 times the amount of deaths in the previous decade. In most of the cases, the individuals began a Methadone maintenance program to transition off other opiates including prescription painkillers and heroin.

The Conduit to Dependency and Addiction

When used in opiate abuse and addiction treatment, Methadone is effective by tricking the brain and blocking access to the opioid receptors and preventing the onset of withdrawal symptoms. The long-acting drug has been popular because is stays active for up to 60 hours.

Nevertheless, as with other opiates it is possible to build a tolerance to high dose Methadone which puts the individual at risk for drug overdose which can result in coma and death.

Getting Help for High Dose Methadone Use

Rather than quit high does Methadone use suddenly or “cold turkey” – many doctors will suggest that you taper off slowly by reducing the amount of the drug taken. For many, it is not uncommon to begin to experience withdrawal symptoms during tapering; in which case your doctor may suggest that you increase the amount of the drug until the symptoms subside.

Inpatient Medical Detox for High Dose Methadone Use

While tapering works for some people it does not work for everyone. Most people are successful in safely quitting high dose Methadone when they seek the assistance of an inpatient medical detox.

One of the reasons most people find it difficult to stop using high dose Methadone on their own is because of painful withdrawal. To successfully quit, it is important that the detox method you choose can safely and effectively manage the side effects. When patients are uncomfortable during the detox process, they are very likely to walk out before the process is complete and return to Methadone use, just to find relief.

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