Should You Use Suboxone/Subutex to Detox from Methadone?

Are you or someone you know struggling with a methadone addiction? If so, you may have had someone suggest the use of suboxone or subutex as a way of weaning yourself from methadone. But, is that the answer? For a better understanding, it’s important to first understand the methadone problem.

The Methadone Problem

Methadone is a man-made opiate designed as a longer lasting pain reliever. However, the half-life of the drug is longer than the pain-relieving effects, meaning that additional dosages are often needed before the drug has left the user’s system. This greatly increases the risk of overdosing on methadone. And overdosing on methadone can be deadly.

Methadone has been prescribed as a chronic pain reliever as well as a means to help those addicted to heroine or other opiates break clean from their addictions. However, due to methadone’s addicting nature, the user can then become hooked on methadone. Instead of breaking free from an addiction, they have simply moved their addiction from one drug to another.

Unfortunately, most physicians don’t realize that methadone is more highly addictive than traditional opiates and that ending methadone treatment is more difficult due to the more severe withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone is one of the most difficult drugs to recover from. Methadone withdrawal symptoms are more severe and more prolonged than those of morphine or heroin at equivalent doses.

Is Suboxone the Answer?

Some clinics, rehab centers and detox facilities treat methadone addictions with the use of another opiate, suboxone (or subutex). Unlike methadone, suboxone doesn’t carry a serious risk of overdose when taken in the proper amounts. It also reduces severe withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate abuse.

Suboxone is widely used to treat opiate addiction and is regarded by medical professionals as the single best drug for most opiate withdrawal treatments. If the proper taper is used under strict guidance and supervision the patient can expect to be weaned off opiates relatively quickly.

There’s hope…

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