Going to San Antonio Drug Rehab?
Healing Begins Here.


You’ve realized there is a better way to live. You’ve decided that you want to reclaim your life and rewrite your story. You’ve made the decision to go to a drug rehab in San Antonio.

By making this decision, you’ve already begun your recovery journey. You have already made progress. 

Although addiction recovery is unique to everyone, it is a lifelong commitment. The first step in getting help from an addiction treatment program is detox.

Our clinical care team is here to prepare you for your next stage in recovery so that you are positioned for long-term success.

Addiction Recovery Begins With Medically Assisted Detox

Medically assisted detox is the process of removing substances from the body under the supervision of a team of licensed professionals. Detox occurs before admission into a treatment program, whether it be inpatient or outpatient. 

While detoxing is an important part of the process, ceasing the use of certain substances abruptly can be dangerous. Do not attempt to detox on your own. Speak with your medical provider to determine whether or not supervised detox is necessary for you. 

Traditional detox methods are outdated and sometimes even harmful. This can deter many people from taking this crucial first step. At our San Antonio Detox Center, we’ve set a new standard in detoxing before drug rehab. Our proprietary IV and oral medication protocols minimize the symptoms of withdrawal, reducing the amount of stress on your body and mind, making the detox process better for your recovery.

Why Detox Before Treatment?

Most alcohol and drug treatment centers in San Antonio require that participants in their programs be free of substances upon admission. Entering treatment in active addiction is not conducive to a recovery environment and can halt the healing process for both you and the other people in your program. 

Detoxing prior to entering rehab allows you to enter treatment better prepared to participate in your treatment without having to manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Getting clean and sober from all substances before entering a drug addiction program means that you are able to be fully present in your treatment. 

We’re here to help you build the foundations so that you can start strong and stay strong throughout recovery.

What Does it Look Like to Start a New Life? Ask Some of Our Patients:

Really can’t say enough about how kind, caring, and professional they are. I was scared to death my first day and they made me feel safe. They helped me through the tough times and were always compassionate and accommodating!


It was the very best detox experience and I've had and I've had many. The staff is top-notch and went above and beyond to make me comfortable. Gallus has assembled a dream team of nurses clinicians and support staff. I'd like to name Kayla, Jeri, and Sara specifically because they were absolutely amazing. Thank y'all so much!!!!!



Detox: The First Step in Getting Help From a San Antonio Drug Rehab.

Before you are admitted to inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment centers in San Antonio, you need to undergo detox. 

Our clinical care team can help you detox from the following substances before entering your next stage in recovery.


Abruptly quitting alcohol can be dangerous and even fatal. Alcohol detox should be done under the supervision of a clinical care team. Call us today to start your path to sobriety.

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Prescription Drugs

If you are suffering from addiction to prescription drugs, you are not alone. We can help you reclaim your life and prepare for your next stage of recovery: drug treatment.

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Benzos are highly addictive substances that require detoxing prior to entering rehab. Start your journey strong with medically assisted detox.

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Addictions to heroin, Fentanyl, Oxycodone or other opiates can be fatal. While detoxing before treatment is crucial, do not attempt to do so alone. Contact our admissions team to get started.

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Lifelong recovery from stimulant addiction begins with detox. You don’t need to struggle alone. Our clinical care team can help you prepare for your next stage of healing: drug rehab in San Antonio.

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Barbiturates are highly addictive and difficult to stop using on your own. There is a better way to live. Contact Gallus Detox and take the first step in reclaiming your life.

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While Suboxone is used in the treatment of opioid addiction, it can develop into an addiction on its own. You deserve lifelong healing. We’ll help you get there.

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Other Substances

Addictions come in many forms not listed here. If you are struggling with an addiction and need to detox prior to treatment, we can help. Contact us today.

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Getting Help From a San Antonio Drug Rehab Begins Here. And it Can Begin TODAY.

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Why Gallus Detox?

The Gallus Method has revolutionized drug and alcohol detox. Our proprietary methods put your comfort and safety first, minimizing the symptoms of withdrawal.

We were founded on patient-first principles so that you have the best chance at lifelong recovery. 

Detoxing before drug rehab is an important part of recovery. We make this step in your journey as stress-free and pain-free as possible so that you are fully prepared for your next step in treatment.

Building the Foundations for Lifelong Recovery

Recovery doesn’t stop at detox–it is only the first step. And we’re here to help you clear your body of addictive substances so that you can start treatment with a clearer mind.

Continuum of care is key to a successful recovery. Whether you go to inpatient or outpatient rehab post detox, we create a plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

We are not affiliated with particular drug rehabs in San Antonio. This means that we are able to individualize your plan according to your lifestyle, insurance, and medical needs. 

Recovery is unique to everyone. We believe your treatment plan should be, too.

Do You Need Medical Detox Before Admission to a Drug Addiction Center?

Frequently Asked Questions about Detox & SATX Addiction Services

Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions about detoxing before entering into a drug treatment program.

Is Detoxing Before Going to Rehab Really Necessary?
The large majority of local San Antonio rehabs require that patients are not actively using upon admission into their programs. Detoxing prior to treatment is most conducive to a recovery environment for both you and other participants in the program.

While detox has long been known for being an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, medically assisted detox can help negate the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and allow you to enter into treatment ready to focus on your healing.
How Long is the Detox Process?
The length of your stay in a detox program may last from days to weeks depending on the level of the substance in your body and your withdrawal symptoms. Everyone’s experience with detox is different. Your clinical care team will advise you on your treatment duration during admission.
I Need to Detox Before Going into a Treatment Program. Will it Be Uncomfortable?
Traditionally, detoxing has been known to be a stressful and sometimes painful process. At Gallus Detox, our proprietary methods are changing the narrative. When you undergo your detox process with us, your experience will be as stress-free as possible for both your body and your mind. Our IV and oral medication protocols lessen the intensity of withdrawal so that you can focus on healing.
What is Detoxing Before Rehab Like?
Traditionally, drug and alcohol detox has been known to be stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally. At Gallus Detox, we believe in a new standard for detox that reduces the effects of withdrawal and helps rid your body of substances with a safe, comfort-first approach.

Our proprietary protocols help put you in a state of relaxation so that the detox process better prepares you for your next stage in recovery.
Do I Need to Go into a Drug Recovery Program Right After Detox?
Continuum of care is important. Admission into an inpatient or outpatient drug addiction center immediately post-detox is advised for the best chance of long term recovery.

While there is not a standard approach to recovery, it is recommended that all individuals undergoing detox enter into rehab as soon as the detox process is complete.
I Can’t Travel for Treatment. Will You Help Me Find an Addiction Program in San Antonio?
Absolutely. Each patient that is admitted to Gallus Detox will have a care plan tailored to their unique circumstances. We will create a treatment roadmap for you that takes your location, financial limitations, insurance, and medical conditions into consideration.

Because we are not affiliated with any specific San Antonio addiction treatment centers, our care plans are not limited to specific programs. We will help find a drug rehab near you that is the best fit for your needs.
I’m Worried I Will Relapse in Treatment. What Do I Do?
Remember: It is important that you are transparent with your program and care team about your concerns and whether or not you begin using again.

Your Path to Recovery Awaits. We’re Here to Help You Take The First Step. Reach out to our team at (888) 306-3122.

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