Addiction Hotlines and Links

happy woman being evaluated in detox program

Here you can find links to addiction and recovery-specific resources to help you or your loved one in accessing and maintaining recovery, as well as support for friends and family members.

Addiction Resources

There are many resources out there for friends, families, and partners of loved ones with substance use disorders. Please visit our Aftercare Planning Guide for an extensive list of clinical and non-clinical addiction resources, as well as our Family and Friends page.


Addiction treatment

Gallus Medical Detox Centers are a destination for addiction care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality inpatient medical detox services and to be the best first step in overcoming substance use disorders.


Gallus Detox Centers offers a unique and proven medical approach. To learn more about The Gallus Method and why it is successful, visit the treatment section of our website, or call our admissions team for a free, confidential assessment: 866-358-6446.


Education and information about addiction

There are a range of websites providing easily accessible information about substance use disorders.

Helpful organizations for people in recovery


Mental health helplines:

There are a range of websites providing easily accessible information and support for people with mental health conditions and those in crisis, including:

Emergency Medical Services

If the situation is potentially life-threatening, get immediate emergency assistance 24 hours a day by calling 911.


Please feel free to call our admissions team for a free confidential consultation to see how we can help: 866-358-6446.