This article is written for those searching for a facility that specializes in Alcohol and Drug Detox. It is logical for you to guess that all facilities with alcohol and drug detox programs are the same. They are not. Our patients will experience both the newest methods in addiction treatment and a high level of experienced medical professionals. This medical attention will positively affect your detox experience in every way. In addition, we offer private rooms with the best amenities to our patients. We carefully tend to all of your needs to give you the most luxurious experience. You can call our alcohol and drug detox help representative on our toll-free line (855)780-3838 and make a better choice today.

The foundation of detox is physiological healing after prolonged drug addiction, through a medical detoxification program. In accordance to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), medical detox is focused on the processes of the body eliminating the alcohol or drugs and treating the withdrawal symptoms that follows.

Please know that detox is not a full treatment for drug addiction, regardless the drug of choice. Addiction is psychological and physiological making it extremely important that patients go through psychotherapeutic treatment to help reduce cravings and address the effects on the brain caused by chronic drug and alcohol abuse. Detoxification is the first move but must be followed up with adequate follow up therapy and care. Drug and alcohol abuse without adequate follow up increases the risks of a relapse, going back to his/her addictive behavior in an even worse state.

First Stages of Drug Detox

The initial stage of detoxification process from the first hour into days can made comfortable with both medical and psychiatric staff members available to provide effective support always. Issues can arise with patients in their first few hours of detox. Gallus staff tends to the most urgent issues first until full stabilization is achieved.

Symptoms of psychosis: Patients who tend to stay awake for days due to the influence of a stimulant drug or substance-induced psychosis can act very erratically. We first recommend that these issues are dealt with before proceeding with treatment.
Medical illness: Withdrawal symptoms related to detox or physical ailments associated with underlying health disorders can lead to complications. Our medical and nursing staff perform an extensive assessment during the admission process to identify any issues that may arise.

Threat to self: Patients with records of suicide attempt must be protected at all times. If this issue is identified prior to admission, we will recommend stabilization at a behavioral health hospital.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Drug Detoxification

Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the drug of abuse. During the detox period alcohol and benzodiazepines withdrawal can lead to seizures or aural and visual hallucinations. Heroin and opiate-based medications, produce extreme gastrointestinal symptoms as well as bone and muscle pain. When detoxifying a patient from stimulant drugs like crystal meth and cocaine,   depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and feelings are more prevalent.

Other common symptoms:

  1. Mood disturbances: Fluctuation in emotions from sadness to anger.
  2. Sleep disturbances: Sleeping disorder is common despite severe fatigue.
  3. Physical issues: These may include sweating, chills, shaking, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose and headache.
  4. Cravings: Patients get a strong desire to use drugs or alcohol to stop the withdrawal symptoms.

Detox at a medical facility remains the safest and best option especially when co-occurring mental health disorders are present and posing a threat. Often, withdrawal symptoms can arise complicating the detox, making other health problems more serious. This would require immediate medical attention; because of this, we don’t advise patients to detox at home. Instead, they should enroll in an inpatient detox program that provides 24-hour medical monitoring, medical assistance, and help to enroll in a follow-up therapy program.

Methods for Drug Detox

Inpatient detox: Upon opting for an inpatient medical detox, in most cases, is recommended to assist patients; ensuring safe medical care in the case of an emergency. The most effective inpatient facilities will have a strong medical component as well as a Masters level addiction counselor who will address the psychological issues related to addiction as well.

Outpatient detox: This is typically held in a physician office setting. While this may be sufficient for a long taper detox or an individual with mild withdrawal symptoms, supervision is still very limited. Clinicians or doctors administer medications on-site only, to soothe withdrawal symptoms without constant follow up care. Outpatient detox is by no means faster, safer or more effective than inpatient detox.

Other Facts About Drug and Alcohol Detox

Opiate detox: Opiates are very popular, due to their ability to suppress pain, but ongoing use can lead to dependence. Some medications used in opiate detox have FDA-approval and are used to taper the opiate down to a safe level then stopped. New medications and the treatment of opiate addiction has given birth to a dependence on another opiate. During an inpatient detox, the physician will monitor the doses of synthetic opiates to assure it is used correctly.
Alcohol detox: Is the process of eliminating the chemical toxins from the body. The method used during detoxification will determine how quickly the process takes and also how comfortable. Alcohol detox is not only about offering medical care in dealing with the physical withdrawal symptoms but also involves offering kindness to help the individual deal with the psychological aspect of their alcohol abuse.
Psychological withdrawal and detox: Some drugs cause strong psychological withdrawal symptoms. Detox from crystal meth, cocaine and other stimulant drugs can cause suicidal thoughts and serious depression. For patient safety, inpatient detox is advised. To ensure your absolute safety when choosing a drug or alcohol detox, always choose a facility with the supervision of professional medical team with a psycho-therapeutic assessment component.

Drug Detox at Home

Quite often we receive calls asking about home detox. To be frank the answer is: “Do not do it!” In most cases it is ineffective and unsafe – Here’s why..

  • YOUR SAFETY: It is much safer to go through drug detox under the professional supervision of medical team. Contact us now for a suitable detox program that can offer you a safe detox all the way through.
  • NOT EFFECTIVE: Not only is the physical dependence a major issue during detox, the psychological dependence is extremely difficult to overcome on your own. Cravings can be intense during detox. Without support, the temptations are difficult to resist.


One of the key components of addiction treatment is Psychotherapy. Detox is the first step of your recovery. Without proper follow up, your attempt to stop using will only be a short-term. If you are ready to make the first step toward an effective and safe addiction recovery program, call our admissions advisers at 888-228-9114.

The aim of detox is not just to safely stop the abuse of addictive substances but to also support the patient throughout their withdrawal symptoms. At Gallus Detox Centers we work to physically and mentally prepare the patient for the work that lies ahead in therapy. Many times, anti-psychotics or antidepressant medications may be required if co-occurring issues like depression or other mental health disorders exists. Getting a stable dose on the proper medication helps to prep the patient on the process of working through other issues that may be pushing them deeper into addiction or making them worse.

It is important that you note that it is not every patient that attempts detox successfully completes it on the first try. Some patients can attempt detox twice or even more before sobriety takes hold. Addiction can be chronic by nature and is defined by relapse. No matter how constant relapse may seem, there is always hope. So, the only way to create effective lasting change is to keep trying.  Call our admissions advisers at 888-228-9114 today.

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