The first step to any drug addiction treatment program is detox. Without proper care, it’s hard for people to even start the recovery process. The need for professional detox is especially important for those with opioid addictions. Below is more information about opioid withdrawal symptoms and the dangers of trying to detox without help.

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

man with excruciating headache has opioid withdrawal symptomsPeople experience many opioid withdrawal symptoms over the course of detox. Although most of the symptoms are uncomfortable, they don’t typically cause life-threatening results. However, visiting a detox center can make them less of a burden on the body and help prevent relapse. Some common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Bone aches and muscle aches
  • A continuous sense of unease

In general, not all of these symptoms happen at once. Instead, they manifest in stages that fall within a general timeline.

The Opioid Withdrawal Timeline

Knowing the opioid withdrawal timeline gives people a general idea of when to expect certain symptoms. Most of the time, the first side effects begin within the first 24 hours of the last opioid dose. However, some people start experiencing symptoms within the first four to six hours.

The onset of opioid withdrawal symptoms is bothersome but manageable for a lot of people. The symptoms usually include anxiety, insomnia and mild muscle aches. Unfortunately, this is just the start of things to come.

Within 30 hours, people tend to notice more severe symptoms. These generally include a racing heartbeat, excessive sweating, extreme muscle aches, and high blood pressure. While these withdrawal side effects are more extreme, the peak has yet to come.

The last stage usually happens within 72 hours of the last dose of opioids. This peak of opioid withdrawal symptoms includes all of the above side effects and more. Some of the other symptoms include depression, fever and very strong cravings for drugs.

During this last stage is when people typically relapse if they attempt to quit opioids cold turkey or alone. Thankfully, they can avoid doing that when they seek professional help at a medical detox center.

Not All Opioid Withdrawal Timelines Are the Same

When detoxing from opioids, people can use the above timeline as an estimate of when to expect withdrawal symptoms. However, this timeline isn’t exact. Everyone experiences withdrawal differently.

Numerous elements can affect the opioid withdrawal timeline. The dosage of opioids and the length of time that people took them are the two biggest contributing factors. Those who used for years might experience a different timeline than those who only used for a few months. Likewise, people who took high doses are more likely to experience extreme side effects than those who took low doses.

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