Many American women struggle with addiction. Overall, it’s one of the most common diseases women face in the 21st century. Alcohol and drug addiction are difficult to overcome. In order to benefit from your recovery program, you need to feel comfortable. Therefore, a women’s detox program may be the best option.

Women and Addiction

woman smiles as her hair blows in the wind outside a womens detox centerUnfortunately, women are drinking more today than ever before. Drug use, especially with prescription medications is also ever-increasing. Across the country, the numbers of emergency room visits and accidental overdoses are on the rise. Devastatingly, families are losing mothers and loved ones every day.

Additionally, it’s sad to think that accomplished women with successful careers and families are the most prone to suffering the negative effects of addiction. However, an addiction detox program is the first step to breaking free from the endless cycle of addiction. A women’s detox program may be the right stepping stone to lasting recovery.

Benefits of a Women’s Detox Program

If you struggle with addiction, quitting cold turkey is not only dangerous to your health but reduces your chances of recovery. However, by taking the time to properly remove harmful substances from your body in a safe caring environment, you’ll set a strong foundation for the next stages of your recovery.

Furthermore, when choosing a treatment facility, consider whether a coed or women’s detox program is right for you. While there are no easy answers, the decision is a personal one. Sex and gender issues play a major role in successful treatment outcomes. Overall, women react differently to withdrawal and some medications. In addition to withdrawal treatments for female biology, many women choose a gender-specific detox program because:

  • It provides the necessary resources to enter and complete treatment
  • They’re more comfortable discussing personal issues with other women
  • They may have experienced sexual trauma and group sessions focus on these events if necessary
  • The treatment can be tailored to certain physical and mental health issues more likely to affect women, such as eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, and parenting issues
  • Studies show a higher recovery rate and lower instances of relapse

Every individual enters rehab with a unique history. A gender-specific detox program provides specialized treatment best suited for women in recovery. It will equip you with the necessary skills to stay sober in the future. Additionally, you’ll also learn tips for developing healthy relationships. These techniques may save your marriage and family. Ultimately, however, you’ll need to determine if this environment is right for you.

A Supportive Women’s Detox Program Is Available

At Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona we offer inpatient detox programs in a comfortable, nurturing atmosphere. With a number of amenities to make your withdrawal process as easy and painless as possible, we’re confident you’ll find detox much smoother with our help. The additional methods we use to ease your pain include:

If you or your loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and need help, please call Gallus Detox Centers at 888.228.9114 today. You can rest assured that we value your privacy and will keep all your personal and medical information strictly confidential. Contact us today and take the first step towards your rehab and recovery.