How do you start the detox process? Moreover, can you just follow a generic protocol? In fact, a personalized detox plan at Gallus Detox might be a better option.

Understanding the Goal of Medical Detoxification

Specifically, detox is a strictly medical process. Your body believes that it needs a drug to live. Therefore, you can’t quit substance abuse until you persuade your body otherwise. During medical detox, you stop taking the drug and let your body adjust to being without it. When quitting a drug, a broad range of withdrawal symptoms can be possible. Therefore, medical detox anticipates the discomfort you might experience. It takes steps to prevent pain and potentially dangerous side effects from occurring. Furthermore, pharmacological support and IV therapy are two tools that medical professionals use with a personalized detox plan.

How to Develop a Personalized Detox Plan for Your Addiction

When you check into the rehab facility, you meet with a physician who reviews your medical history. Moreover, taking baseline readings is a common practice. The initial stage of drug detox focuses on stabilizing you. There’s a good chance that your body chemistry will go haywire as you withhold the drug. A personalized detox plan focuses on managing these intense withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the drug you’ve been abusing, they might include gastrointestinal upset, heart palpitations, and muscle cramps. Detox services provide pain management and physiological support. For example, modalities include:

  • Pharmacological support for pain care and discomfort
  • IV therapy that ensures proper hydration throughout the initial withdrawal process
  • Psychiatric assistance for program participants with psychosis
  • Cravings control with medical interventions
  • Consistent nutritional support to assist your body as it sheds the drugs
  • Holistic detox treatments

Preparing for Post-Acute Withdrawal

The worst is typically over by day three or four. In fact, withdrawal symptoms wind down. You now work with therapists to put together a personalized detox plan for this phase. Specifically, it lasts another five to six days. Typically, this stage of the process focuses on cravings control and goal-setting. Moreover, you deal with the psychological aspect of withdrawal. Your body’s gradually regaining equilibrium, which allows your brain chemistry to return to normal. However, at this point, you also ready yourself for rehab, which helps you break the psychological dependency. Against this backdrop, choosing to withdraw from drugs or alcohol at a private detox program makes the most sense. In addition, Gallus Detox combines a home-like atmosphere with creature comforts and professional counselors. At every turn, you understand that you’re taking back control of your life. When you finish your treatment, you’ll be ready to continue care and pursue your plans of lifelong sobriety.

What Creates a High-Quality Detox Experience?

Customization of care is a necessity. All medical professionals who come in contact with you have access to the plan. You receive the care that you need based on your symptoms and medical needs. Moreover, as you progress, the plan can change at any moment. You may be able to break a dependency faster than you anticipate. Therefore, there’s no need to continue pain management if you don’t need it. Updating your detox plan is easy when you rely on cutting-edge technology.

Getting the Help You Need to Quit Using Today

You don’t have to keep using drugs in your life. Find out what your personalized detox plan could be. Right now, the experts at Gallus Detox want to help you reach your goal of sobriety. Therefore, reach out for help today by dialing 888-228-9114.