Many people think going cold turkey at home provides a good option for withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. However, doing so puts you at great risk for physical and mental health problems of withdrawal. In fact, you need an inpatient drug detox center in Arizona.

Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Detox Center in Arizona

man smiles and talks with others at a conference table in an inpatient detox centerThe benefits of an inpatient drug detox center in Arizona far outnumber benefits of detox at home. At home, you maintain your own comfortable space. However, this one creature comfort does not compare with the full list of benefits in professional detox.

Gallus Detox Centers is an inpatient drug detox center in Arizona. Moreover, you gain many benefits that include:

Having caring staff by your side as you go through withdrawal is invaluable. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about preparing your own meals or gaining access to medications. At our inpatient drug detox center in Arizona, everything you need awaits you.

Safety and Security of an Inpatient Drug Detox Center in Arizona

One of the greatest aspects of an inpatient drug detox center in Arizona is its safety and security. Therefore, you don’t risk rushing back to your substances when you feel the effects of withdrawal. Doing so often causes deadly consequences for anyone facing withdrawal. In inpatient care, you make it through withdrawal comfortably and without this huge risk.

Another safety benefit of inpatient drug detox is the distance from outside influences. No one stops by to visit, coaxing you back into your substance abuse. Instead, you feel the support of caring staff and your peers in detox treatment. Together, you form your own band of support just as you inspire others in their journey.

Finally, suffering a medical emergency puts your well-being at risk during withdrawal. Gallus Detox Centers nurses watch your cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, and other aspects of health. Moreover, they help you stay nourished and hydrated, even providing helpful medications as needed.

Take the Right First Steps into Recovery

Recovery is attainable at Gallus. Therefore, enter recovery comfortably and safely with Gallus Detox Centers. As the top drug detox center in AZ, we provide everything you need to feel your best during withdrawal.

You know you deserve the comforts and care you need for a smooth transition into sobriety. Detoxing at home or in a lower quality program does not give you the fresh start you want. Specifically, make the right decision to enter inpatient detox with people who care about your safety, security, wellness, and peace of mind.

Call 888.228.9114 now to learn more about Gallus Detox Centers’ inpatient detox programs. We’re here to help you build a foundation for recovery and overall wellness.