Is your drinking problem getting out of hand? If so, you know that you need help. However, if word gets out about your condition, what’ll happen to your job? An excellent executive alcohol detox center can be the answer.

What Differentiates an Executive Alcohol Detox Center from a Standard Facility?

Specifically, both centers offer detoxification. Similarly, therapists at both facilities recognize that an alcohol use disorder is a medical condition that responds well to treatment. However, only Gallus Detox operates an executive alcohol detox center that emphasizes complete confidentiality and discreet care. Of course, that’s just the beginning.

What to Look for in an Executive Detox Facility

Our facility offers an innovative menu of addiction detox center services. For example, this includes:

  • IV Therapy that prevents dehydration and allows for immediate changes in pharmacological support
  • Inpatient alcohol detox that ensures privacy and emotional support
  • Around-the-clock medical monitoring as a means to protect your physiological health
  • Psychotherapy, which gives you one-on-one time with a trained addiction treatment specialist
  • Detox programs with customization of your care protocol to support your needs and adjust treatment as necessary

The advantage of this setup is the speed of your recovery. Therefore, you progress at your own pace with consistent adjustments of modalities. The goal is to enable you to return to your career as soon as possible. Five-to-seven days will allow you to fly under the radar of the most watchful industry insiders.

Why You Can’t Just Shake the Alcohol Addiction on Your Own

It’s tempting to avoid an executive alcohol detox center and try to sober up at home. However, if you’re serious about kicking the habit, you will look for professional help. For starters, alcohol withdrawal can be painful and dangerous. You probably already know about the shakes, the sweating, and the headaches. However, there are also the possibilities of seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). Depression and severe mood swings make you unpredictable. Many people relapse because of insomnia that accompanies the pain. Secondly, auditory or visual hallucinations scare them. Deep down, they convince themselves that a drink will make all these problems go away. And, for a short time, it does. However, therapists take the pain out of the equation at the executive alcohol detox center. Gallus Detox experts protect your health and know to anticipate emergencies. Above all, they provide the medical care and monitoring that can prevent many problems from occurring in the first place. Therefore, checking in for your alcohol withdrawal needs is the smart choice.

In a Time Crunch? There is a Three-Day Option for Alcohol Detoxification

Gallus Detox specialists understand that you may not have the time that detoxification typically requires. Even so, there’s hope. In fact, a proprietary 3 day alcohol detox program makes safe withdrawal possible. You’ll be under constant medical supervision and undergo constant adjustments to your care. The goal is to have you finish your treatment during a weekend. Additionally, many program participants will take a long weekend off work and remove all alcohol from their homes before checking in. Others ask loved ones to handle this task. When they return home, there’s no alcohol and no withdrawal.

Don’t Wait; Detox Now!

Complete confidentiality and superior care combine to provide you with an executive alcohol detox center experience. Therefore, don’t wait to reach out for assistance. Call 888-228-9114 today to connect with an intake advisor at Gallus.