You realize that your drinking is a problem and now you are ready to get help. There are a lot of options available to you. How can alcohol detox treatment and a behavioral therapy program help you in recovery?

The First Step: Alcohol Detox Treatment

For most people, an alcohol detox program is the first step in recovery. However, alcohol detox treatment can take place in a traditional hospital program, an inpatient private detox facility, or on an outpatient basis.

Traditional Hospital Detox

female therapist encourages male patient to continue talking in a behavioral therapy programThere are many differences between hospital and private detox treatments. However, the most significant is the delivery method of detox treatment. For example, most hospital detoxes rely on oral medications that take some time to become active in the body. The downside to this method is that while the patient is waiting for the medication to become active, they must endure painful alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

IV Therapy Alcohol Detox

Another option, one many doctors consider to be the best way to alcohol detox, is via an IV therapy program. This is fast-acting and offers immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms because the medication is delivered directly into the bloodstream.

The Next Step: Alcohol Rehab

After successful completion of an alcohol detox program, the next step is an alcohol rehab that will help you stay sober. Although there are many different options available for alcohol rehab, from traditional 28-day programs to holistic treatment approaches, a behavioral therapy program can also help you in recovery.

What is Behavioral Therapy?

A behavioral therapy program recognizes that you have a choice and are in control of your alcohol abuse and behavior. In a behavioral therapy program, you have the power to reconsider your behaviors and habits. This is particularly true of those linked to your alcohol abuse.

Moreover, a behavioral therapy program will not label, judge or manipulate you into believing a certain way or accepting traditions, but instead teaches skills that will allow you to address your alcohol abuse and be able to move past your problems, circumstances, and situations permanently.

How a Behavioral Therapy Program Is Different

Behavioral therapy believes that change begins with the thought that change is needed, followed by actions to support change and develop habits and behaviors that bring change. Behavioral health therapy emphasizes that you will not need lifelong treatment, but that you simply need to learn that you can change. According to behavioral health therapists, alcohol abuse is a choice that has been reinforced by habits and behaviors; however, you have the power to make a different choice. Paired with behavioral therapy during detox, you can also receive treatment from our other various programs and therapies such as:

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