How Can I Detox from Methadone and Alcohol at the Same Time?

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How Can I Detox from Methadone and Alcohol at the Same Time?

Trying to quit alcohol abuse is hard enough without the complication of added substance abuse. Struggling with alcoholism and Methadone abuse may seem like a hopeless situation that you will never overcome, but don’t give up. If you are wondering: how can I detox from Methadone and alcohol at the same time, here is some information you may find helpful.

Withdrawal and Quitting Cold Turkey

It cannot be stressed enough what a bad idea it is to try to quit alcohol and Methadone cold turkey, without any medical assistance. Firstly, for some people alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous, even deadly.  Most people experience excessive sweating, uncontrollable shaking, migraine headaches and intense anxiety, to name a few.

Another consideration is delirium tremens or the DTs as they are commonly called. Although the DTs do not happen to everyone, they will appear around five days after alcohol use is stopped and include sweating, vomiting, chest pain, fever, abdominal pain, heart palpitations, hallucinations and depression. Without the proper medical attention, you can die from the DTs.

Furthermore, Methadone is a powerful opioid and quitting its use will bring about a different set of withdrawal symptoms including constipation, flu-like symptoms, insomnia and hallucinations. Whereas some people try tapering off Methadone rather than quit cold turkey, even the slowest taper can still result in the onset of withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, it is not uncommon for withdrawal to be so uncomfortable that the individual will return to their alcohol and Methadone use just to find relief. If your goal is to quit alcohol and Methadone, your best chance at success is a professional inpatient medical detox treatment.

Inpatient Medical Detox Treatment for Alcohol and Methadone

In the past if a person suffered from multiple substance abuse, the process was to detox from one before the other; however that has changed and now you can detox from all of it at the same time.

An inpatient medical detox allows the patient to check into a facility to receive care and treatment. There are many benefits to an inpatient detox treatment; the most obvious on is the ability to rest while going through the process; but also the personalized attention and medical supervision.

The detox method is important, especially if you are going to detox from alcohol and Methadone at the same time. Traditional detox treatments have a tendency to use oral medications that are not the most efficient at controlling withdrawal symptoms.

A better choice is a facility that offers IV therapy medical detox. Intravenous therapy uses medications that are delivered directly into the blood stream to immediately control withdrawal and keep the patient comfortable throughout the process, allowing them to successfully complete the alcohol and Methadone detox.

Long-Term Aftercare

Once alcohol and Methadone detox treatment is complete, it is recommended to follow-up with a rehab program, behavioral therapy and counseling and/or participation in a community support group such as a 12-step program. It is likely that you will have to address certain symptoms such as cravings or the temptation to relapse at some point and having a support network can help ensure your long-term recovery success.

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