Drug Detox and Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is an ongoing problem in the U.S. In fact, the U.S.is responsible for 99 percent of the world’s Vicodin use! 4 million of our children are on Ritalin, 22 million women take anti-depressants and another 32 million adults take sedatives. Yet, only a very small percentage of people will seek assistance to stop from drug detox and drug rehab.

What Can Drug Detox and Drug Rehab Do For You?

Although most people confuse the two, there is a big difference between a drug detox treatment and a drug rehab program. In general terms, a drug detox facility is where you would go to have the drugs removed from your system. A drug rehab is the place to learn to have a life that does not include drug abuse or addiction.

Another common difference between drug detox and drug rehab is that a drug detox typically lasts about a week and in some cases slightly longer. While a drug rehab usually lasts 28 days or longer.

An exception to these timelines are outpatient drug detox programs which last longer than a week and long-term sobriety homes where the individual may stay for up to a year or more.

As to which type of assistance you need: a drug detox and/or drug rehab, the best advice is to speak with your doctor, or meet with a drug detox facility to see if you need drug detox first and then drug rehab.

Outpatient and Inpatient Drug Detox

It should be said that no two drug detox treatments are the same. There are drug detoxes that offer outpatient medical detox, others that offer non-medical detox and inpatient medical drug detox programs.

Non-medical Drug Detox

A non-medical drug detox will use a more holistic approach to detox. Meaning that it will use vitamin therapy, yoga, meditation, massage and acupuncture to help the individual through the drug detox process in a natural way.

Outpatient Medical Drug Detox

An outpatient medical drug detox will allow the individual self-report to a clinic or doctor’s office to receive medication to help during withdrawal. The benefit of this type of detox is that it also allows the individual to maintain their daily routine and responsibilities.

Inpatient Medical Drug Detox

An inpatient medical drug detox is the most preferred method for detox. It allows the individual to check into a drug detox facility and rest while they are detoxing. Inpatient medical detox centers may use oral medication or IV therapy.

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