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Suboxone vs Methadone

The Suboxone vs methadone debate doesn’t have a definitive answer. Some therapists swear by these pharmacological products. Others consider them worse than the original addiction to opioids. The truth, as is usually the case, is somewhere in the middle. What are These Drugs For? The Suboxone vs methadone discussion started when therapists began prescribing the drugs for patients with chemical dependencies involving opioids. Methadone has been around longest. It works well for program participants with [...]

How to Stop Drinking Without Withdrawal Symptoms

There was a time when you could walk away after a drink or two. But your habit got out of control. Now, you need alcohol just to function, and you’re scared of the withdrawal symptoms. Here’s how to stop drinking without suffering from withdrawal. What are Withdrawal Symptoms in the First Place? Before figuring out how to stop drinking without the pain of the withdrawal symptoms, let’s find out what they are. Alcohol is a [...]

What are Schedule 2 Drugs?

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classifies drugs into various categories. On a federal level, and within the law enforcement community, the schedule is a policy tool. But the common person also benefits from knowing what the categories mean. For example, what are schedule 2 drugs, and why do you need to know? Typical Schedule 2 Drugs Cocaine and meth are both schedule 2 drugs. Additionally, they’re illegal substances. However, Adderall, an ADHD medication, oxycodone, the [...]

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Alcohol?

If you’ve ever felt better after drinking more alcohol to remedy a hangover, you’ve experienced withdrawal symptoms. After alcohol leaves your system, you might feel shaky, nauseated, foggy and exhausted. How long does it take to detox from alcohol? That depends on your history with the drug as well as other physical factors. Alcohol Withdrawal Can Happen To Anyone You don’t have to suffer from alcoholism to experience detox symptoms. A hangover is a mild [...]

Am I an Alcoholic?

In a world where alcohol is everywhere we turn and is marketed heavily, it’s difficult to know whether you have a problem. If you ask yourself, "am I an alcoholic?", know you’re not alone in the situation. Most of the people struggling with alcoholism don’t even realize there’s a problem. In large part, this is due to a lack of education on the topic. You’re about to learn about the signs of alcoholism and what [...]

The Benefits of Detox Centers in Arizona

While quitting drugs or alcohol is easier said than done, it’s always possible with the right support. Resisting the urge to use is difficult and ending addiction takes more than simply deciding to stop using. This decision itself involves ridding the body of harmful substances as well as learning necessary lifestyle changes for sober living. This is where residential inpatient treatment programs at detox centers in Arizona can help. Detox Centers in Arizona Detox centers [...]

Heroin Epidemic

By far, heroin accounts for the biggest share of opioid use, affecting people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Thus, you can no longer assume the heroin epidemic won’t affect you. As such, you should keep the following information in mind about the heroin crisis. Heroin Epidemic Largely Driven by Economic Conditions Experts believe poor economic conditions in certain areas have led to an increase in heroin use. For example, they cite West Virginia, where [...]

Detox Definition

Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. It helps you break physiological drug or alcohol dependence. However, what exactly is the detox definition? What should you expect from treating withdrawal symptoms? Who Needs to Undergo Detox? Going straight to a rehab facility before going through detox often leads to relapse. When your body doesn’t believe it can function without the drug, you can’t fully focus on recovery. In the past, you might [...]

What is Detox?

Those dependent on drugs or alcohol find that abruptly quitting isn’t an option. Not only are cravings nearly impossible to control, some people suffer life-threatening side effects. To ensure your success, you must first undergo detox. What is detox? Find and the answer to this and other important questions before beginning the process itself. What is Detox? Detoxification is the elimination of illicit substances from the body. Essentially, this ends their harmful effects while reducing [...]

The Proper Addiction Definition

Unfortunately, properly defining addiction is challenging. Are you wondering whether you or a family member is suffering? If so, the following addiction definition may provide you with some clarity. Addiction Definition The American Psychiatric Association (APA) claims that addiction is compulsively using illicit substances despite the harmful consequences. They also add that the intense desire to obtain more drugs controls user’s lives. In other words, addiction is all-consuming, leaving many people unable to function. For [...]