Excellent detoxification provides you with cutting-edge medical care. In fact, case in point is IV therapy for program participants. However, what is IV therapy? More importantly, how will it help you overcome a physiological dependency on a drug or alcohol?

The Goal of DetoxificationWhat is IV therapy exactly?

Do you struggle with a substance abuse problem? If so, you may be desperate to quit using. Therefore, staff members at Gallus want to help you. Through our medical detox program, you can safely detox with comfort and support.

Specifically, you will learn about what the bioavailability IV therapy offers. However, what is IV therapy? Are you a good candidate for it?

Exactly What is IV Therapy?

Bioavailability refers to the accessibility of a substance to your body. When you take medication orally, you have to wait for your metabolism to kick in. When dealing with pain medication, this can leave you hurting longer. In contrast, however, IV treatments take effect almost right away.

For this reason, IV therapy is a staple of high-end medical detox. For example, it’s safe, helps you deal with pain, and lets you counteract excessive cravings. Medical experts monitor you closely and adjust pharmacological support to keep you stable. Additionally, another advantage of this treatment method is the up-to-the-minute intervention possibility.

This is of particular importance when you suffer from a seizure during detox. Moreover, when you’re experiencing pain, you want relief right away. Intravenous detoxification offers that to you. Finally, it ensures proper hydration and the infusion of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

How Does IV Therapy Integrate with Other Modalities?

Intravenous care is only one type of treatment. In fact, there are also others that include:

When you combine these treatments and available options, it’s easy to see how IV detox is an essential tool. For someone who’s serious about recovery, this setup can mean the difference between success and failure. Of course, you won’t know if an intravenous treatment is right for you until you talk to an intake advisor.

How to Reach out for Help

You don’t have to keep suffering from an addiction in your life. In fact, detox services are just a phone call away. And what is IV therapy if not an opportunity to make a radical, lasting change in your life? Connect with the Gallus Detox Centers today by calling 888-228-9114 now to learn more.