Overcoming alcohol or drug addiction is incredibly difficult because of the physical and psychological dependence such substances cause. Withdrawal symptoms are quite painful, and many people give up when trying to quit on their own. However, here at Gallus Detox Centers, we understand this process and have the resources to help you overcome dependency as comfortably as possible. One of the ways in which our detox program is superior is through the use of bioavailability IV therapy. Therefore, you may wonder what is bioavailability.

Exactly What is Bioavailability?What is bioavailability exactly?

The term bioavailability refers to what percentage of a drug enters the system after a dosage is given. Furthermore, medications offer different availability to the body depending on the form in which they’re given.

In fact, different forms of a drug offer different rates of bioavailability. Factors such as the rate at which a substance breaks down before reaching its target site of action will greatly affect its result. For example, medicine directly into the bloodstream through intravenous injection tends to be more potent and acts more quickly than the same dosage taken orally.

IV Therapy Vs. Oral Detox

Specifically, the rate of absorption makes a difference. That’s why here at Gallus Detox Centers, we prefer bioavailability IV therapy over oral detox. Additionally, medical detox greatly improves the withdrawal process, helping to ease the symptoms of discomfort.

The dosage of medication during this process is more potent and effective when given intravenously. It begins working immediately as it enters the bloodstream, removing toxins from the body quickly. However, oral detox requires absorption through digestion, which takes longer. In addition, IV detox therapy allows for dosage adjustment to better meet individual client comfort and relief.

How Gallus Detox Centers Can Help

Now that you understand what is bioavailability, let’s take a look at how Gallus can help your detox needs. For example, we offer a number of detox services and benefits such as:

The expert staff at Gallus Detox Centers know that dependency can be scary. However, professional detox can ease the process tremendously. You don’t have to endure it alone. Understanding what is bioavailability and how it matters during detox is the first step toward getting the help you need. Therefore, give us a call at 888-228-9114 to learn how we can support you during this time.