Medical Professionals and Drug Abuse

Although it is difficult to be sure, studies indicate that roughly 1 in 10 practicing medical professionals are struggling with some form of chemical dependence. While this number is similar to drug and/or alcohol dependency rates in the general population, it can be easier for doctors to hide their addiction because of their accessibility to legal drugs. Clearly, addiction among medical professionals is a great cause for concern; not only for the addicted professionals, but the patients they care for.

Bad Effects of Taking Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatric drugs help individuals who are struggling with psychiatric or psychological disorder live mentally and physically healthier lives. Anti depressants, sedatives, anti psychotics and tranquilizers are drugs that are used regularly by individuals that are trying to cope with some type of dysfunction. However, these drugs can have an impacting and lasting effect on the individual taking them.

How to Tell If Your Loved One is Abusing Prescription Drugs

Thousands of people in America rely on prescription drugs everyday. However, this reliance can slowly and unknowingly turn into an addiction. If you have a friend or loved one abusing their prescription drugs, you will notice changes in three key areas: socially, physically and mentally. It is important to realize that every person’s situation is different and one or a few of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily point to prescription drug abuse.