As the holidays approach, it is a challenging time for many people struggling with substance abuse; however, maintaining a sober Thanksgiving is critical to moving forward in your walk toward a bright tomorrow. It is often overcoming one step at a time that makes the path clear to a life of happiness. You may be wondering how can you have a sober Thanksgiving and still enjoy the holiday without fear of relapse. Let’s look at some reasons this time of year may be difficult and find ways you can overcome them.

What are the Hindrances to Having a Sober Thanksgiving?

Some families may partake in drinking or even minor drug use during the holiday season, which can prevent you from having a sober Thanksgiving. Obviously, this presents a difficult predicament for those who are just getting over an addiction of any type. Being around people who are using any substance could make you think about using it again. Additionally, it may increase cravings.

Another reason people may struggle during the holidays is that they feel sentimental or lonely. The holidays are not always joyous for everyone. People who are estranged from loved ones may feel sad and struggle to cope, while others may have bad or traumatic memories involve the holidays. All of these things can lead to temptations to use again.

What Can You Do to Overcome During the Holidays?

If you are having any of these difficulties around the holidays, it’s still possible to have a sober Thanksgiving. Here are tips to get you through during this difficult time.

  • Find strong supportive friends or family who can be with you during this time
  • Surround yourself with people who don’t use any substances
  • Don’t participate in any get-togethers that have any substances
  • Write down three things you have accomplished in the last year as it pertains to your sobriety
  • Recognize your strength —think of times you overcame difficulty and pull strength from that
  • Treat yourself to a special indulgence of self-care (a massage, special treat, a good book, or something else you really love)

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