Now that the holiday season is upon us, many people who have struggled with substance use may wonder how they will get through this time. While it’s true that it may be challenging to have sober holidays, it is possible.

The Connection Between the Holidays and Substance Use

The holidays are a time when many people like to celebrate the season. Some people do so by drinking or doing some type of substance and meeting with friends. Others have a lonelier time during the holidays. They may not have many friends or family around. So, they compensate by drowning their sorrows in drugs or alcohol. They feel this helps them numb the pain. However, the pain of loneliness comes back soon, and they will be right back to where they started.

Tips For Sober Holidays

With the right guidance, you can have sober holidays. There is no need to fret about the upcoming season if you have some tips handy. Let’s look at a few things you can do to make this an enjoyable holiday season without the stress.

Make a Plan 

Things always go better if you have a plan in place. It is when we are unprepared that temptation can spring upon us, and then you may fall down in defeat.

Have Fun

Plan to have fun yet sober holidays without any substances, including alcohol, because that is often a trigger for people in recovery. You could invite people to your place so you can control the atmosphere or choose a restaurant for a gathering.

Let Others Know Your Goal

There’s no reason to feel like you’re all alone in your goal to have sober holidays. Let your friends and loved ones know that this is your goal and enlist them in helping you achieve your goal.

Participate in Self-Care

Take some time during the holidays to pamper yourself in a way that promotes your health and happiness. Give yourself a special treat to reward all the hard work you’ve done in living a sober life.

Recognize Your Accomplishments for a Sober Holidays

Finally, take time to inwardly or outwardly recognize what you’ve accomplished thus far. This will encourage you and help you to stay on track during the holidays. You will recognize that you do have the power to continue down this path of sober living.

If you feel that you need an extra helping hand, reach out to Gallus Detox for assistance during the holidays. Our friendly and compassionate staff is always standing by ready to aid you in your quest for a brighter tomorrow.

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Don’t let the holidays get you down and don’t fall into the trap of addictive behavior. You can overcome your problems and have sober holidays. Call us today at 866-426-4694, and we’ll walk with you on this journey to sobriety.