With constant news about the opioid epidemic and its death toll, it’s easy to see drug abuse around every corner. While the statistics paint a grim picture, not everyone you know takes drugs. Something that can help you is a guide for spotting signs of drug seeking behavior.

Visiting Multiple Doctors

One of the most prevalent signs of drug seeking behavior is when a person visits multiple doctors for prescriptions. Don’t mistake this for someone getting multiple prescriptions from a medical team. The person will visit doctors in completely different towns or cities. If you suspect a loved one of doing this, try to get a look at names of the doctors on the prescription bottles.

Excessive Symptom Listing

Another of the common signs of drug seeking behavior is when a person knows too many symptoms. If you go with them to a doctor or emergency room, you might hear them offer a laundry list of very specific symptoms that sound like a textbook.

They know that doctors must hear a certain number or type of symptoms before they’ll give someone, for example, painkillers. They might even give you a similar list if you ask how they feel.

Sudden Need for Money

If someone can’t get the prescription from a doctor, they’ll often visit a drug dealer. This is a common sign of drug seeking behavior. Since drug dealers charge a lot for their products, your loved one will likely burn through their money pretty fast. If sudden appeals for money show up at the time as some of the other signs, it’s a sign in itself.

Withdrawal Symptoms

A person who uses medication as prescribed rarely shows withdrawal. Different drugs create different withdrawal symptoms, but you can keep an eye out for a few common ones, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Poor sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

In more severe cases of withdrawal, you might also see hallucinations or tremors.

Treatment for Signs of Drug Seeking Behavior and Addiction

If you or one of your loved ones show these signs of drug seeking behavior, it’ll take professional treatment to resolve. That process will start with addiction detox services. Detox services help you safely purge the drugs or alcohol from your system. In some cases, it also calls for medication to help moderate your symptoms.

After you finish detox, your best bet for recovery is an inpatient rehab program. These programs help you build the skills you need for a stable, long-term recovery.

Gallus Detox Centers

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Chronic pain and addiction can take control of your entire life. With help from a quality detox program and rehab, you can overcome addiction. Call Gallus Detox at 888-228-9114 and we’ll help you start a life based in recovery.