Getting relaxation out of a bottle is a tempting thought. Sleeping pills offer precisely that. Depending on the brand, you’re dealing with sedatives that fall into the categories of hypnotics or benzodiazepines. Let’s talk about the signs of a sleeping pill addiction.

It’s Not Just about Effectiveness

Doctors might prescribe benzos to help you sleep. Some have hypnotic qualities, too. In the short-term, there’s no doubt that these drugs help you relax. However, as central nervous system depressants, they also have addictive qualities.

This caused some drug manufacturers to create a different type of medication. It cuts down on the time it takes you to fall asleep. However, even here, there are problems. At the Ambien detox center Arizona trusts, therapists routinely work with clients who have a physical dependency.

That said, the signs of a sleeping pill addiction can be challenging to notice. It’s fair to say that dependency sneaks up on you.

Looking for Signs of a Sleeping Pill Addiction

Evaluate your behavior. Recognizing a sleeping pill addiction can be difficult for the person using the medications. At a good-quality prescription drug detox center in Arizona, it’s not uncommon to meet people who experienced surprising addiction. For example, you might have been taking the drugs longer than just for the short term.

Regular use of sleeping pills dramatically increases the odds of habit formation. Besides that, look for the development of a tolerance. You now need more of the sleeping pills to get the relaxation you’re looking for. Recognizing a sleeping pill addiction is also possible when you notice that you can’t fall asleep without them.

No matter how tired you are, you can’t fall or stay asleep. Even when all the external factors are right, you cannot get to sleep naturally. This is perhaps one of the most significant warning signs of a sleeping pill addiction.

Dealing with the Sleeping Pill Dependency

It doesn’t matter if you have only a physical or also a psychological addiction to the pills. You begin with detoxification. This is the process that helps you quit using the drugs safely in a controlled setting. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the side effects of withdrawal.

When you seek to overcome the signs of a sleeping pill addiction at detox, therapists customize care for you. Each person’s protocol might look differently. It depends on your unique needs. Examples of interventions include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment that eases withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • IV Therapy as a tool for boosting the healing process
  • Massage therapy, which helps you relax and overcome stress, fear, and worries
  • Behavioral therapy program that enables you to find new ways of dealing with the reasons for your sleeping problem
  • Men and women’s detox that builds on your unique strengths to provide you with the care you need

When you realize that you struggle with the signs of a sleeping pill addiction, get help. Gallus Detox Centers operate excellent addiction detox programs in Arizona. Call 888.306.3122 to get help right away.