Across America, there is often misinformation about the recreational use of marijuana. Although certain states allow for medical or even recreational use of the drug, there are still consequences and health problems that can arise. Therefore, recognizing the signs of recreational weed abuse means a greater chance of getting help.

Slow Reaction TimeDetox from recreational weed abuse

One of the ways that weed impairs the body is by reducing your reaction time. For example, think about catching a ball that is being thrown at you. When you’re completely sober, your brain recognizes the ball and communicates to your body so that you can catch it or avoid it. However, when you’re under the influence of weed, everything moves slower.

That reaction time can lead to serious problems in everyday life, and that moves well beyond playing sports. Driving or even walking in a busy city can prove dangerous if you have a slower reaction time. Moreover, doing almost anything while under the recreational effects of weed can be risky for your health, and it can risk the safety of those around you as well.

Diminished Performance

Recreational weed abuse can lead to a reduction in your performance, whatever that means in your life. Specifically, if you’re a student, you might see your grades suffer. If you’re working in any industry, your job performance might go down. Furthermore, if you’re a parent, you might have a harder time connecting with and responding to your children.

Withdrawing From Your Social Network

Recreational weed use can also cause people to withdraw from their social networks. In fact, individuals may stop seeing their family, or they might avoid social settings. This can cause further problems, and it may lead to emotional, psychological, or self-esteem issues. If you’re hiding your drug abuse, this can happen even faster.

Tolerance Increase for Marijuana

Many people still incorrectly believe that marijuana use can’t be problematic. However, one of the most significant signs of a serious problem is a tolerance increase for the drug. Over time, the body can become used to the consumption of marijuana. Therefore, it takes more and more of the drug to feel the same recreational effects.

Tolerance changes can be gradual. Specifically, it may take weeks or even months to notice. When you spot this increase, however, it’s almost certainly a sign of abuse and a dependency issue.

Treating and Overcoming Recreational Weed Abuse

The best way to combat weed abuse is with a THC detox. At Gallus Detox Centers, you can explore detox solutions that guide you away from drug dependency. For example, kickstart the journey to sobriety thanks to all of the following:

Recreational weed abuse can and does have consequences. Fortunately, a detox at Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona, can be the start to total and lifelong recovery. In fact, call 888-228-9114 today to find the right detox program for your health and your future.