Dealing with alcohol use disorder is frustrating, frightening, and overwhelming. It’s normal for some people who are struggling with an alcohol addiction to be upset by their behavior when drinking. They can become disappointed because of their inability to keep control over the alcohol and their actions. As a result, they declare they’re quitting alcohol cold turkey. However, these promises to quit in the morning are often followed by drinking again at nightfall. This can lead to more feelings of disappointment.

If this sounds like your story, then it’s necessary to realize there is hope by going to a Scottsdale, Arizona, alcohol detox center. Participating in a medical detox program will get you on the path to recovery. You won’t have to worry about quitting alcohol cold turkey either, because in a detox rehab you’ll have trained, certified doctors making sure you get through the process successfully. Without the help of trained professionals, quitting alcohol is extremely difficult, and it can even be risky to do it on your own.

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey: Why is it So Hard?

Some people think they are so strong that surely quitting alcohol cold turkey won’t be an issue for them. However, there is a difference between being strong mentally and dealing with physical withdrawals. It does require a lot of mental strength to quit drinking. Therefore, anyone who makes the decision to do so is showing that strength. Taking the first step in the process is huge, and you’re to be commended for it. Yet, the decision to quit is not the same as going through the withdrawal alone.

Alcohol changes the way your body, brain, and the central nervous system acts and reacts. After using alcohol for an extended time, your system begins to adjust to the effects on the brain and central nervous system. Your brain attempts to compensate for alcohol’s effects. As a result, when you try quitting cold turkey you send your whole system into a sort of shock. This abrupt change causes alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

A Better Way to Quit Alcohol

Instead of trying to quit alcohol cold-turkey, seek an alcohol detox program. Depending on the severity of your problem, you may get holistic alcohol detox, which involves acupuncture, herbs, massage, and yoga or medical alcohol detox, which includes an IV medication best suited to your situation. A trained clinician will know which one is best for you.

Find Hope at Gallus Detox Centers

At Gallus Detox, we offer an alcohol detox program for people struggling with alcohol use disorder. Our compassionate staff is standing by ready to help you find a brighter future. Along with alcohol detox, we offer:

If you are dealing with alcohol problems, take the first step today by reaching out for help. You don’t have to deal with quitting alcohol cold turkey. You can overcome this with quality detox treatment. Call us today at 888.306.3122, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way.