The signs are too hard to ignore. Your husband’s drinking has steadily increased, along with his bad moods and behaviors. Like many spouses, you want to help him, but he denies there’s anything wrong. It’s hard to say to yourself, “My husband is an alcoholic,” but recognizing the problem is an important first step.

Signs of Alcoholism

Most adults drink, at least on occasion. Some of them routinely get drunk, and others end up addicted to alcohol. If you’re thinking “My husband is an alcoholic,” these signs point to alcoholism:

  • Continues drinking despite suffering negative consequences
  • Increased tolerance to alcohol, leading to drinking more to get a buzz or get drunk
  • Gets angry and defensive when you confront him about his drinking
  • Suffers frequent hangovers and/or blackouts after drinking
  • Withdraws from friends and family in order to drink alone
  • Engages in risky behavior while drinking, such as driving

Your husband doesn’t have to drink every day to have an alcohol dependency. But when he does drink, he’s not in control of his drinking. He may tell you that he’ll stop at one or two drinks, but he never does.

Left untreated, drug and alcohol dependency can take a heavy toll on his job, marriage, and health.

My Husband is an Alcoholic: Now What?

Once you acknowledge the problem, you can encourage your spouse to seek help from a men’s alcohol detox center. It’s better for him to detox in a qualified facility, for his health and safety.

It’s not easy admitting that “My husband is an alcoholic.” But once you do, you can talk to him about treatment options. Detox is an important first step because it creates a strong foundation for the rest of his recovery.

Detox Is the First Step

Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona provides inpatient detox services designed to make the process as safe and painless as possible. Our caring team offers customizable detox that suits each client’s needs. Cutting-edge medical care and an upscale environment place a premium on your comfort and privacy.

The addiction detox services we offer if you have an alcoholic husband include:

Drug and alcohol dependency don’t have to ruin your life, so take an important first step and reach out for help. When you can detox in a safe, supportive facility, your recovery is off to a great start. Contact Gallus Detox to learn more. Call 888-228-9114 today.