There was a time when you could walk away after a drink or two. But your habit got out of control. Now, you need alcohol just to function, and you’re scared of the withdrawal symptoms. Here’s how to stop drinking without suffering from withdrawal.

What are Withdrawal Symptoms in the First Place?

Young man with head on table, drink in hand wants to know how to stop drinkingBefore figuring out how to stop drinking without the pain of the withdrawal symptoms, let’s find out what they are. Alcohol is a nervous system depressant. When you end the regular influx of the chemicals into your body, the system comes back online. Without the depressive qualities of alcohol, neurotransmitters release randomly.

You feel it as alcohol withdrawal symptoms. They start out slow. After six to eight hours without alcohol, you feel nausea and abdominal pain. Your hands shake.

After a full day without alcohol, you encounter some of the more dangerous symptoms. You’re now dealing with an elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and severe gastrointestinal upset. Day three marks the possibility of seizures and delirium tremens (DTs).

How to Stop Drinking Without the Pain of Withdrawal Symptoms

Inpatient alcohol detox is the safest method for quitting alcohol. It also allows for a pain-free stop to the physical dependency. Your body believes it needs the drug for basic survival and overall functioning. During detoxification, it learns that it can function just fine without it.

As the body regains equilibrium, the symptoms lessen and then disappear. Therapists use a variety of treatment options to help you get through detox comfortably. They include:

  • A customizable medical detox protocol that experts tailor to your individual needs
  • Private alcohol detox that reduces the stress and fear of discovery by outsiders
  • IV therapy detox, which allows for the immediate administration of medications to ease pain and maintain physical health
  • Pharmacological support and around-the-clock medical supervision of your progress
  • Licensed counselors, who work with you to put together a recovery plan for when you finish detox

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

When creating a treatment protocol, therapists factor in your length of dependency and the typical daily dose you’ve used. Next, they review your overall physical health. The combination of these factors determines how long it might take you to overcome the physical addiction.

Some program participants can do well with a rapid three-day alcohol detox. It makes use of the IV therapy method. When you’re a good candidate for this program, you can stop drinking within a very short period. Others do better with a standard five to seven-day program.

Now that you know how to stop drinking, what’s holding you back from making it happen? You know that you don’t enjoy what alcohol is doing to your life any longer. Today is an excellent opportunity to make a permanent change in your life. Call the friendly therapists at the Gallus Detox Centers by dialing 888-228-9114 now.