A woman feels troubled over the heroin epidemic.By far, heroin accounts for the biggest share of opioid use, affecting people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Thus, you can no longer assume the heroin epidemic won’t affect you. As such, you should keep the following information in mind about the heroin crisis.

Heroin Epidemic Largely Driven by Economic Conditions

Experts believe poor economic conditions in certain areas have led to an increase in heroin use. For example, they cite West Virginia, where coal mining was once prevalent. Since the decline in coal mining jobs, WV has become the epicenter of the heroin crisis. For example, in Huntington last August, 28 people overdosed in a single day, two of which were fatal.

Heroin Epidemic Caused by Increase in Prescription Opioids

Furthermore, Dr. Nora Volkow presented information to the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control. During her presentation, she stated that Americans consume almost all the world’s Vicodin and nearly 81% of all oxycodone. Many believe this increase in prescription opioids has spurred the heroin epidemic by creating dependency issues among everyday citizens. Overall, when these individuals no longer have access to prescription opioids, they turn to heroin out of desperation.

Trafficking Across our Southern Border

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs states that 94 percent of all heroin in the U.S. comes from Mexico. Additionally, they claim that traffickers are bringing in fentanyl, a synthetic form of heroin, at record rates. Thus, a greater law enforcement presence could curb drug activity exponentially.

Affected by the Heroin Epidemic?

Do you or a loved one use heroin after running out of prescription opioids? Have you thought about quitting, but feel an overwhelming urge to continue? Do your thoughts constantly revolve toward using or obtaining heroin? If you answered yes to these, turn to Gallus Detox Centers to get your life back on track.

Programs at Gallus Detox

Detoxification is the first step to conquering a heroin problem. At Gallus Detox, we offer various detox programs that aid with the process, including:

Opiate detox
Oxycontin detox
Percocet detox
Suboxone detox
Methadone detox

Most of our clients remain in detox for a week or so. Afterwards, they’re ready to move on to more intensive rehab. Here at Gallus, we’re proud to offer the opportunity for a fresh start. We look forward to serving you as well.

Contact Gallus for Help with Heroin Abuse

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