Drug addiction is a widespread problem in the United States with a crisis at a peak level. Many people who may have started with painkillers turn to harder drugs over time. Other people may start doing recreational drugs due to an attempt to hide trauma or numb pain. Others drown their pain, loneliness, or problems in alcohol. Whatever the cause may be for starting a substance when it leads to addiction, you may wonder — do I need drug detox? This is an important question to ask yourself because, with the proper treatment, you can become a healthy, happy person you once were in the past.

Do I Need Drug Detox?

If you have ever asked yourself the question — do I need drug detox, then you may know intuitively that you are suffering from or going down the path towards addiction. However, the only way to really know is if you have certain symptoms and signs. Addiction works pretty much the same on most people. First, the body becomes tolerant to the current dosage you’re taking, so you need more of the drug. 

Detox Help

After taking more of the substance, you begin to become dependent on the drug. This means that your body is now starting to depend on the chemical properties within the substance, and without it, certain symptoms will result. This is only a step away from addiction. In fact, dependence and addiction go hand in hand.

Some of these signs of addiction that can lead you to ask, do I need drug detox in AZ, include:

  • Consumed with getting more of the substance
  • Hiding the fact that you’re taking the drug
  • Feeling ashamed or embarrassed about taking the drug
  • Sneaking the drugs
  • Doctor shopping or obtaining the drugs illegally
  • Taking more than prescribed (if they are prescription drugs)

When these signs are prevalent, then you may rightfully wonder, do I need drug detox? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, what should you do next? Here are your next steps.

Next Steps for Detox in AZ

Now you want to know — do I need drug detox in AZ? The answer is yes. The sooner you begin the admissions process, the better you will feel, and the sooner you can begin to heal.

Contact Gallus Detox to start the process with a compassionate rehab coordinator. He or she will guide you through the preliminary steps to gaining help for your needs. They can also help you to know for sure if you are, in fact, addicted. Qualified professionals with years of experience will be able to assess your case. 

If you’re asking, do I need drug detox, you’ll discover that we offer many detox therapy options, including IV medical detox, which is particularly helpful for those struggling with withdrawals. Some other programs and specific treatments we offer include:

Don’t let the question of do I need drug detox hinder getting the help you need. You can overcome all these problems and have a full life. Call us today at 866-426-4694, and we’ll walk with you on this journey to sobriety.