Detoxification is the first step in quitting alcohol addiction. However, many people aren’t ready to commit to a stay at an alcohol detox center in Arizona. They fear the unknown. Here are answers to the most common questions about alcohol detox.

What is Detox in the First Place?

What goes on at an alcohol detox center in Arizona? Detoxification empowers you to quit problem drinking. It lets you break the physical addiction. Right now, you wake up to alcohol withdrawal symptoms that you dread.

After about a week at the facility, you wake up without them. You’re able to go through a day without drinking. Most importantly, you’re ready to enter rehab. There, you undergo treatment for the psychological aspect of dependency.

How do Therapists Help Clients?

Another one of the most common questions about alcohol detox is about treatments. Far too many people take their information from television. Many people will envision it as a dark place with locked doors. That’s not the case.

Rather, you enter a facility with a home-like atmosphere. At Gallus Detox Centers, friendly therapists assess your needs and the type of treatment you need. Each person’s detox experience varies based on your unique needs.

Examples include:

  • IV Therapy as a tool to provide hydration and nutrition for physical strengthening
  • Medication-assisted treatment that takes the edge off withdrawal symptoms and minimizes discomfort
  • Around-the-clock monitoring to prevent medical emergencies
  • Behavioral therapy, which offers you a chance to chart a course to long-term recovery
  • Massage therapy to loosen tense muscles and help you regain whole-body wellness

The Most Common Questions about Alcohol Detox

It depends on the severity of the alcohol use disorder. You might notice the first withdrawal symptoms about six hours after the last drink. Your hands shake. You feel clammy.

Besides that, you develop a raging headache. Without additional alcohol, your nervous system continues to be overactive for a while. But because you now don’t have the sedative effects of the drug, it becomes uncomfortable. You’d like it to stop.

After a day, you might deal with hallucinations, become at risk for seizures, and you might experience delirium tremens.

By day four, you feel better. In fact, you continue to feel better each day. Now, the common questions about alcohol detox focus on nutrition. You will most likely have a massive craving for junk food, particularly sugary foods.

However, therapists help you to curb an unhealthy sweet tooth with nutritional therapy.

Entering Detox Today

An alcohol addiction won’t go away on its own. Because of the potential for adverse withdrawal symptoms, it’s essential to get help when quitting the habit. Therefore, you work with therapists who’ll ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and well throughout the process.

You now have answers to the most common questions about alcohol detox. It’s time to make a move and quit the addiction. Gallus Detox Centers want to help you. Connect today with an expert in the field by dialing 888.306.3122 now.